Trainer Reveals The Jason Statham Workouts That Helped Him Get Ripped Muscles

Learn the Jason Statham workouts and diet he used to get lean and muscular.

Online PR News – 12-October-2011 – – Jason Statham of Transporter and The Expendables has become known as a "hot body" action star but it wasn't always like that. To get in this great of shape there was a lot of work that Jason put in including working with a former Navy Seal and trainer, Logan Hood.

Fitness trainer Stan Stevenson of comments, "The Jason Statham workout is insane but there's no doubt that anyone that is looking to build more muscle and get leaner should consider trying his routine."

This is the brutal final stage that blows every gasket says Statham. You’re crying for air. It redlines the heart into oblivion.

The core of Statham's workout is based on two principles. Never repeat the same workout, ever. The second rule is to record everything to make sure his workouts are always more intense than the last.

Every workout Statham performed was in 3 stages. A 10 minute warmup, a 10 minute medium intensity program and then finished with a brutal High Intensity Interval Training(HIIT). This is the brutal final stage that "blows every gasket," says Statham. "You're crying for air. It redlines the heart into oblivion."

As for the Jason Statham diet, he restricts himself to 2000 calories per day. The three rules of his diet are no refined sugars or flour, if you eat it then you need to write it down and spread your calories out.

Stevenson states, "Statham's diet may not be for everyone but looking at it, there's no doubt that he is doing something right to get that physique."

Unlike other Hollywood celebrities who have ripped muscles, Jason incorporates full body workouts into his routine. These workouts not only help one get more cut but also build more muscle. His Hollywood body and action hero talent is most likely the reason why he's dating Jennifer Lopez now.

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