Free Online Dictionary Offers Opportunity for Revealing Hidden Secrets of Names
10/12/2011, the free online name dictionary, works live in disclosing the hidden facts behind names

Online PR News – 12-October-2011 – – Bakersfield, CA ( onlineprnews ) October 11, 2011 -, the free online dictionary of names, provides people with opportunities for finding the hidden facts about their names. This website acts as a great resource for people looking to discover facts about their names or for selecting perfect names for their newborns.

Igor Katsev, the founder of this site, has researched the origins, etymology, and meanings of names for decades, and has listed his findings in his Masculine and Feminine Names website. His goal is to provide visitors with the largest name dictionary available to tell people about the meaning, usage, pronunciation and origin of names.

"My first priority has always been, and will always be, the accuracy of the information that I provide on my website," says Mr. Katsev, "I sincerely hope that people belonging to various cultures and religions will be able to find comprehensive information about their first names on this website."

The dictionary has a large list of first names from all over the world, along with the authentic information provided about each entry. Names speak a lot about the person, including historical data, place of origin, ancestors’ way of living, and even ancestors’ occupations. It’s necessary to do deep research for finding the hidden secrets behind names.

For people who love to explore their own family history, this free dictionary of names acts as an excellent resource with lots of information available for review.

The website offers masculine and feminine names in different languages based on their original version. Names are listed in alphabetic order, origin, usage, and meaning so that users find the extensive name list easy to navigate.

The site also holds a search box for finding relevant information about the name you enter in it. "When you make that crucial decision about naming a child, you can find enough information about the names you’ve had as suggestions so that you can create a perfect, unique, and traditional name," he adds when speaking about the significance of his site. displays names and their meanings in an appropriate way for people to understand the complexities of the information, offering organized, easy-to-follow search results.


Masculine and Feminine Names website is a free dictionary of names created by Igor Katsev, who has a passion for discovering the etymology of names. The website acts as a great resource for finding the meaning and origin of names, along with their historical and religious significance.

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