to Launch at the American Staffing Show

Application promises new to empower staffing industry and revolutionize hourly wage earner hiring process

Online PR News – 13-October-2011 – – Gadsden, AL –October 11, 2011- Get Me Back To Work will launch a web-based application to revolutionize the hourly wage worker hiring process for both job seekers and hiring managers, at the American Staffing Show in New Orleans, Louisiana on October 11- 14th. puts emphasis on people not job postings, and offers companies more choice and candidate intelligence prior to hiring and creates a more effective American hourly wage work force.
In contrast to Get Me Back To Work, increased hourly wage employee turnover is a symptom of traditional hiring practice obsolescence. Today, hourly wage hiring focuses on positions not people. It limits employers to who applies, and forces job seekers to walk-in job opportunities, random job listings, and centralized job boards that cater to professional level jobs.
Get Me Back To Work approaches the hiring process competitively by offering managers access to an entire pool of eligible candidates, highlighted by skill set. On the other hand, instead of forcing people to conform to a position, Get Me Back to Work emphasizes all individuals available, empowering hiring managers to view total candidate availability.
“Employees and the opportunity for success are far greater than bullet points on a resume or tasks on a job board. Job candidates deserve to have their total story told, employers deserve to know the many dimensions of their potential employee to understand if and how they can succeed within their organization, “ said Shannon Scott, CEO and founder of Get Me Back to Work. “An hourly wage worker’s motivation, circumstances and skill sets are true factors to their success and we want to empower staffing professionals with that perspective as they seek candidates.”
Furthermore, high unemployment rates can offer a larger pool of available candidates, creating more choice than ever and greater opportunities to find the ideal candidate. Get Me Back To Work marries this opportunity with the ability to pinpoint ideal candidates faster than ever by providing keyword search functionality, tax credit eligibility status, background assessments, personality assessments and other tools that offer total candidate vision.
To learn more about Get Me Back to Work visit the Get Me Back to Work booth #925 at the American Staffing Show, New Orleans, October 11 – 14, 2011.
About Get Me Back To Work
Get Me Back To Work is a web-based application that features an extensive database of hourly wage workers that are ready, willing and able to work. Get Me Back To Work is dedicated to revolutionizing the hiring process to refocus on people, not job positions or solitary positions. This new focus leads to total vision and greater candidate intimacy in the hiring processes, providing hiring managers greater insight as to their new human resource and decreasing employee turnover. Get Me Back to Work empowers job candidates and hiring companies, alike with greater choice and opportunities for success.