Secret SEO List of Highly Rated Free Article Marketing Sites

SEO firm shares secret list of 'best' free article submission sites proven to create traffic and gain your business greater internet exposure.

Online PR News – 13-January-2010 – – SEO Marketing firm shares secret list of the 'best' Free Article submission sites on the Internet. Each free article marketing site has demonstrated it offers valuable Branding and traffic building results. The list is located on a resource website called

The free article marketing websites listed on were the ones that passed a series of best practice SEO and Internet Marketing tests. Some of the most important factors taken into consideration were whether or not the Article Marketing site included direct click links, anchor text, and Social Media optimization.

According to Steve Johnson, the administrator-

"One often overlooked benefit of Article Marketing is that you can easily convert any article into a press release. Allowing you to double the articles use and results. Which maximizes your time and effort."

According to the administrator this added value can easily be accomplished by shortening your article to 400 characters, rewriting it in the third person, and making it newsworthy by reducing opinions or instructions.

Providing a specific example to demonstrate how this was successfully accomplished, Mr. Johnson shares the following examples.

Article about the advantages of free article marketing:

Press release about the advantages of free article submission:

Mr. Johnson adds that each of the above achieved a huge amount of views. Which resulted in a tremendous amount of website traffic and potential business opportunities.

About: was created by and provides a unique online resource for users of Free Press Release Press Distribution and Article Submission services, or those interested in getting started. It's list was updated on 12/15/09 to ensure continued accuracy. This free online resource also includes valuable time saving how-to tips and other important marketing information.

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