Professional London Hypnotherapist Offers Day-Long Course in Self-Hypnosis

Course Focuses on Personal, Professional, Relationship Improvement.Bernard Misell, a London hypnotherapist with over 15 years’ experience, has recently begun offering a course targeted to those interested in improving their lives through self-hypnosis. This long-standing practice has helped people all over the world to perform their best, eliminate fears and end procrastination.

Online PR News – 13-October-2011 – – October 11th,2011 - Bernard has also launched a one-day course entitled: “Self-Hypnosis: Take Charge of Your Future,” in a bid to help people help themselves in their ongoing struggle to perform their best in all aspects of life. The £99.00 course teaches participants to harness the power inherent in self-hypnosis to achieve any number of things related to personal and professional betterment.

“With the economy still in a bad way, more and more people are finding they can’t afford to come in for a personal session with me, and yet, it seems there are more people who need help than ever,” says Bernard Misell. “So I decided to put together a course that would give anyone interested the building blocks they need to put the power of hypnosis to work directly.”

The course helps participants evaluate their lives and put hypnosis to work for them in the areas where it can do the most good. These include, but are not limited to, business forward planning, reviewing and correcting past mistakes, gaining self-confidence, anger management, treating insomnia and even controlling chronic pain.

“Self-Hypnosis is where my own hypnotherapy journey began,” explains Bernard. “It transformed my life, and enabled me to make miraculous changes, putting me in control in ways I had not thought were even possible before.”

The course is broken down into morning and afternoon sessions. The morning session features an introduction to self-hypnosis,a review of the participants’ objectives and a hypnosis session, followed by more detailed information regarding self-hypnosis and a discussion. The afternoon begins with an overview of mind mapping techniques useful for studies and projects, which is followed by a primer on using hypnosis techniques to review past and future events. The afternoon ends with advice on how to self-motivate, set goals and harness the power of the mind for self-healing and pain control.

Tuition costs £99.00 and includes the course, reference manual and refreshments. To learn when the next course is being held,email Bernard at For more information on hypnosis and hypnotherapy, visit:


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