UK Interior Design course proves popular with international students say IDI

The Interactive Design Institute is delighted by the number of enquiries received for their Interior Design course for UK and International Students.

Online PR News – 11-October-2011 – – Admissions staff at the UK’s leading provider of online qualifications in Art & Design, the Interactive Design Institute, are delighted by the number of enquiries they have received for their innovative online Interior and Spatial Design course.

“Although we knew that our course was bound to be a popular choice for those considering a career in Interior Design, we have been both surprised and delighted by the response we’ve had”, reports Fiona Crosbie who leads to admissions team at IDI.

The fully accredited qualification is the latest to be developed by the Institute, specifically for online delivery and accredited by a leading UK university; the University of Hertfordshire. Crosbie continues, “We’ve really been encouraged by the number of international enquiries we’ve dealt with – potential students who recognise the value of a UK based qualification”.

As with all IDI’s courses, a substantial amount of research into the subject area was conducted before the course was developed, Michael Stewart, director with the Institute explains; “Over the past couple of years, we have received a significant number of enquiries from prospective interior design students and interior designers currently in employment but aiming to improve an existing qualification, who want to study online. Increasingly, people are becoming more aware of the relationship between the interior designer and the architect and how it shapes the environment in which we live, work and play”.

The Interactive Design Institute is a collaborative partner of the University of Hertfordshire and deliver their Interior Design qualification to the level of Certificate in Higher Education following one year’s online study, with the Interior Design Diploma in Higher Education being awarded after two years online study. Subject to approval, students will have the option of completing their Degree either online with IDI or through attendance at the University of Hertfordshire.

“At IDI we are aware that there are several Interior Design courses available”, continues Michael Stewart, director of IDI, “but our course is designed to prepare interior design students for employment in a wide range of design related professions. We recognise that Interior Design is a discipline which is closely aligned to Architecture. It is not to be confused with interior decoration, which concentrates more on furnishings and fabrics. Interior Design is a highly creative and highly technical area, with applications in both domestic and commercial use. We also acknowledge that those keen to study Interior Design are faced with a bewildering range of options. However, our online Interior and Spatial Design course differs from other courses because it has been especially written by professional designers, industry practitioners and highly qualified academics specifically for online delivery”.

Fiona Crosbie continues, “We point out to all our enquirers that there are many career opportunities for the Interior Design graduate. In the domestic context, interior designers may be involved in kitchen and bathroom design or in design for specialised use, such as design for the aged, the infirm or those with special needs. In the commercial context, there are many applications for interior design, for example in retail, entertainment, hospitality and healthcare”.

Interior designers typically work as part of a multi-disciplinary team, working alongside architects and others to realise a project. Interior designers work both with traditional art and design materials and with computer software packages to realise their ideas and concepts.

Interior Designers are required to have creative ability, in addition to strong technical skills and knowledge of ergonomics, lighting, building materials and construction, building regulations and environmental and health and safety issues.
Those aiming to establish a career in the industry are advised to undertake an accredited interior design course and The Interactive Design Institute’s interior and spatial design course provides comprehensive training in all related disciplines for UK and international students wishing to enter the lucrative interior design sector.

Michael Stewart concludes, “The Interactive Design Institute’s online Interior and Spatial Design course emphasises professionalism and industry relevance. As Fiona has said, our admissions team have experienced a significant demand for information and we are delighted to offer our Dip HE Interior and Spatial Design course for students across the UK and internationally”.

As an increasing number of people are looking to upgrade existing qualifications or retrain with the aim of taking a different career path, distance learning courses and online courses in particular are being seen as an attractive option and Interior Design is no exception.

IDI are still enrolling students for their October 2011intake although any new applicant will have to be quick. “We have received a significant number of enquiries and early enrolments from students anxious to secure their place; students who realise the value of an Interior Design qualification”, says Stewart, “IDI’s Interior and Spatial Design course provides a thorough grounding for the student who is intent on a career in Interior Design”.

With student fees set to increase significantly over the next 12 months, IDI’s pledge to maintain their current fee structure until after the October 2011 enrolment period could prove beneficial to a large number of students. “We are not subject to the same costs as face to face providers and our student fees are therefore much lower”, says Stewart.

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