Revolutionary Break-Through in Bedwetting Control – The SleepDoc.

Based on many years of clinical experience and sleep research, a group of leading US sleep scientists, pediatricians and engineers has developed SleepDoc, a unique high tech computerized device, that is activated by the body signals BEFORE the act of enuresis and, WITHOUT AWAKENING, gently induces positional and sleep stages shifts, thus preventing bedwetting.
The SleepDoc is a simple yet effective way to train your child not to wet the bed. Small and unobtrusive, the SleepDoc detects wearer’s position on the bed and uses gentle vibrations to make the user subconsciously shift positions (as they naturally would) so that they do not wet the bed.

Online PR News – 13-January-2010 – – Dr. Alexander Golbin is a remarkable sleep physician who has been working with sleep disorders in children for over 30 years.

He and a group of leading US sleep scientists, pediatricians and engineers have invented, designed and built a unique device: "SleepDoc", for PREVENTION of bedwetting. The SleepDoc device senses when the child will be wet, and is activated BEFORE bedwetting occurs.

What is bedwetting (nocturnal enuresis)? It is the involuntary reflex of urination that happens during sleep. It was discovered that bedwetting is not a single symptom, but, a complicated syndrome of enuresis that includes other disordered sleep and wake symptoms. Involuntary urination in sleep is very different from the act of day time voluntary urination. In sleep it is a sudden brief outburst of urine without any movements of pelvic muscles. This unusual reflex appears when the sleeper is "stuck" in one cycle. The act of bedwetting activates the "switch", and moves the sleep process forward.

What is "SleepDoc"? Based on this ground breaking discovery of the compensatory function of enuresis, a revolutionary method of bedwetting control was developed, using the "SleepDoc" device. Special time, body position, and other parameter sensors allow a computer inside of the " SleepDoc" to predict when the act of bedwetting is about to come, and it turns on mild vibrations that induce scratching or body position changes. This usually leads to a switch in sleep stages. Thus, the SleepDoc trains the sleeping child to switch from an immature and unhealthy reflex of bedwetting into a mature and healthy reflex of mild scratching or changes in body positions. After a few weeks of such "training" many children with mild to moderate severity of bedwetting (about 80%) became free from this affliction and moved into normal sleep cycle dynamics. The other 20% of patients that did not respond to the SleepDoc usually have deeper sleep, other sleep or medical problems and need to be evaluated in a sleep center to add a specific treatment. The SleepDoc in these cases should be an adjunct to medical treatment.

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