Weekly Translation Bloopers by Email

Globalization Group, Inc. Announces Today that Translation Service Users Can Receive Free Weekly Translation Bloopers by Email.

Online PR News – 13-January-2010 – – Globalization Group, Inc. (GGI) announces the weekly publication of translation bloopers. Users of translation services can receive a free email subscription to international mistranslations and blunders.

“This year localization professionals began signing up for our Weekly Translation Tips to achieve quality localization,” explains Solutions Architect and former ClientSide Excellence Localization Manager-of-the-Year, Kevin Maryott. “Localization professionals are also interested in reading about the humorous side of localization and some of the more “unique” translations that appear from time to time in the industry. In response to this interest, we have compiled a series of translation “bloopers” that will give our readers a few good chuckles.”

Whenever possible, emails will include a link to the evidence that the blooper-of- the-week really did occur. Efforts will be made to exclude overused myths like Chevrolet’s allegedly disastrous marketing of the ‘Nova’ car in Mexico (‘no va’ means ‘it doesn’t go’ in Spanish) and the allegation that President John F. Kennedy’s statement, “Ich bin ein Berliner,” was misunderstood to mean, “I am a jelly donut.” Instead, the weekly translation bloopers will include real world examples like the offensive German-to-English brand translation of the Audi “White Power” sports car and the more light-hearted English-to-Russian technical translation of “hydraulic rams” as “wet sheep.”

Translation users who wish to avoid the negative consequences of such bloopers may contact Globalization Group to receive a free quote for quality translation services.

Localization professionals on the client side may safely subscribe to receive Weekly Translation Bloopers here: www.globalization-group.com/mkt/subscribe

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