Pressure Profile Systems Offers Advanced Dynamic Pressure Measurement System for Tires

Pressure Profile Systems, Inc. (PPS) introduces the rugged and high-speed Dynamic Tire Tread Measurement System (DTTMS) for capturing real-time tire footprints.

Online PR News – 11-October-2011 – – Los Angeles (October 11, 2011) – Pressure Profile Systems, Inc. (PPS) introduces the rugged and high-speed Dynamic tire tread Measurement System (DTTMS) for capturing real-time tire footprints. The DTTMS can be used by tire engineers to test and optimize tread patterns and automobile engineers to select best performing tires for their vehicles. This sensor system handles extreme shear forces while accurately capturing dynamic changes in tread patterns during shaker testing.

Pressure Profile Systems originally developed the DTTMS to help a leading tire manufacturer understand the impact of normal bumps and shakes encountered during actual driving on their tire's contact patch. The tire manufacturer wanted to simulate actual driving conditions by driving a car onto 4 independent 3-axis shaker tables. PPS’ tactile sensor with 1mm resolution was both fast and rugged enough to withstand the extreme forces generated between the sensing surface and the tires during shaker testing.

The DTTMS includes integrated signal conditioning electronics which process the data at a frame rate of over 200 Hz to fully capture the applied impulses. PPS’ software allows engineers to visualize the tire footprint in real-time with synchronized video while capturing the entire data stream for further analysis. Tire and car manufacturers can benefit from using this sensor system to improve tire and automobile design or to control product quality during manufacturing.

• Scan rate over 200Hz
• 1920 sensing elements in 48x40 grid (4mm resolution interpolates to < 1mm)
• Rugged mounting platform for attaching to other equipment
• USB 2.0 High-speed Interface
• Captures two external analog voltage signals (0-10VDC)

• Record and playback capability
• Synchronized video recording
• 2D color map and 3D mesh displays
• Export data to standard, easy-to-use formats
• API available for custom software development

The Dynamic Tire Tread Measurement System is available for purchase now. PPS offers custom pulse sensor configurations to meet varying customer requirements, in particular for OEM applications. For a demonstration of the Dynamic Tire Tread Measurement System or any other systems, please call +1.310.641.8100 or email

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