Drs. Stadtmauer & Giralt discuss challenges managing the newly diagnosed multiple myeloma patient

Managing Myeloma invited two experts in myeloma into the MediCom Worldwide studio to discuss the challenges physicians face when managing newly diagnosed multiple myeloma patients.

Online PR News – 11-October-2011 – – With all the new developments in the treatment of multiple myeloma, the new challenge facing physicians is navigating the data and deciding the best course of therapy for their patients. Dr. Edward Stadtmauer, from the University of Pennsylvania Medical Center, and Dr. Sergio Giralt, from Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, came to the MediCom Worldwide studios to discuss how this challenge is handled in their respective institutions.

The key to managing the newly diagnosed multiple myeloma patient is dependent on his/her presentation, “We need to recognize now that approximately 20 – 30% of the patients are actually coming in asymptomatic,” said Sergio Giralt, MD. This differs exponentially to the patient that presents with complete renal failure or infection in the ER. The patient’s history, physical data, and sociodemographic backgrounds are crucial to the treatment steps with the goals being stabilization then remission.

Drs. Stadtmauer and Giralt discuss initial therapy and stem cell transplantation as a continuum of care and the options for patients with organ dysfunction or when patients are high risk versus low risk. All are factors when considering a double or triple therapy. “…for patients who have some organ dysfunction, particularly renal dysfunction, even if it is someone who has high-risk disease and I am considering for triple therapy, I will usually start off with a doublet therapy…”, comments Dr. Stadtmauer.

These factors, the evolution of newer agents, and data from ongoing clinical trials are all discussed, including Dr. Palumbo’s Transplantation Versus Novel Agents for Myeloma study and trials by the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute/French Cooperative Group and the European Myeloma Network.

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