Dansker & Aspromonte Associates Announces $50 million life time settlement

Dansker & Aspromonte Associates, the New York City-based personal injury law firm Announces $50 million life time settlement in Medical Malpractice — negligent administration of anesthesia in hospital for repair of eye droops.

Online PR News – 11-October-2011 – – Christian, 4, was brought to the hospital for a routine droopy eyelid repair. The hospital in a cost cutting measure had contracted out it's anesthesia services to a third party corporation who were saving money by employing mostly nurse practitioners instead of trained doctors to administer anesthesia.

The nurse designated to anesthetize Christian was as it turned out was not even certified. Only minutes after the child was wheeled in, his heart stopped from an overdoes of Halothane gas and he ultimately was without oxygen for fifteen minutes. He had to be removed to another hospital where he had to be retrained to talk and walk again. Ultimately, at the time of trial eight years later, Christian was learning at a first grade level, couldn't tie his shoes or ride a bike. The Hospital doctors claimed that he either had an allergic reaction to the gas, or was that way before the incident or both. Ultimately, the defendants caved in after a grueling five week trial, when it became apparent that the plaintiff would win.

Dansker & Aspromonte Associates is a New York City-based personal injury law firm that rep¬resents the victims of medical malpractice and they obtained hundreds of millions of dollars on their behalf in over thirty years in practice.