ImagiNext, LLC launches a website and blog to help users apologize to significant others

UnhappenIt combines relationship help with e-commerce and social networking to help ease the pain of apologizing

Online PR News – 11-October-2011 – – Imaginext, LLC of Chicagoland, announced the availability of a full service website and soon to be released Android Mobile Application. The site, called UnhappenItTM, located at , gives help to people wishing to apologize or express regret over a set of events or circumstances that hurt a significant other. It does this by offering the user assistance in composing the apology/regret letter on a selection of attractive stationery on which to write the apology letter. Users have the opportunity to directly purchase music, flowers or other gifts to demonstrate their sincerity. In a classic sense, the definition of UnhappenIt – instantly and universally understood – is simple. As a verb, UnhappenIt means to cause, by a sincere, online communication with the one who has been wronged or otherwise hurt by some event or circumstance, something that has already taken place not to have happened. When used as a noun, an UnhappenIt is a quick, personal message of apology or

regret, sent via email, text message and/or social media – at the sender’s option and includes a gift. Reginald Walker, President and Founder of Imaginext, LLC stated: “Many relationships could be saved with a simple apology. But the simple words ‘I’m sorry’ is either said poorly or not said at all. This is a major cause of relationships failing.” Reginald goes on to say that UnhappenItTM is unique in its creation and presentation of the message, as well as the convenience provided by the on-site shopping feature.

UnhappenIt also provides useful relationship information through a blog at and leverages social media by allowing Users to elect to post their apologies on a community wall where third parties can view and comment on them. UnhappenItTM and Twitter and Facebook pages where “Fans” and others can get help writing effective apologies, advice on maintaining healthy relationships and news of unhappenIt situations of general interest.

About Imaginext, LLC

Imaginext, LLC is an Illinois based multimedia company started in 2010 by Reginald Walker, and currently creates content that reaches millions of people via newspapers, restaurants, magazines, apps and online content.

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