Finding Brooklyn therapists now made easier, thanks to

One of America’s leading websites on therapy, has added a comprehensive list of Brooklyn therapists. From providers of trauma therapy to a marriage therapist, finding a therapist in Brooklyn has now become much easier, especially with the website’s easy search function.

Online PR News – 11-October-2011 – – Carlsbad, CA, 10 October, 2011: Leading website on therapy, TherapyTribe has increased the number of listings of therapists in Brooklyn, making it much easier to find a therapist for specific needs, like trauma therapy, for instance. They offer systematic listings of practicing therapists for different needs, making the process of going through the list of Brooklyn therapists simpler and faster. Whether it’s finding a marriage therapist or a career counselor, it’s just a matter of simply knowing one’s zip-code, which one can type into the search-box on the home page to get the listings for that area.
Commenting on this development, the CEO, Mr. Ryan Fitzgerald says, “With the rising number of troubled marriages and increased stress in cities, the collective psyche of the people of America is slowly being jeopardized. This is especially true for a city like New York. Finding a therapist that suits specific needs through the Yellow pages sometimes is difficult for an area as big as Brooklyn, but with our easy search function, the search for specialized Brooklyn therapists will become that much faster and easier.”
Since its inception in 2006, TherapyTribe has grown to be the leading directory of Licensed and practicing therapists and the number one support destination for people isolated by their illness. In addition to listings of therapists, it also offers different online support groups and web services like individual forums and chat rooms for people suffering from different mental conditions. It also offers a blog, regularly updated by a number of established and successful therapists offering different professional advice on different subjects and topics ranging from Trauma therapy and anxiety disorders to teenage kids and OCD’s. But its main achievement lies in its systematic and easy-to-use directory that has grown substantially through the years, offering the fastest, most reliable way to find a therapist.
Adds Mr. Fitzgerald, “Whether you’re looking for a Marriage Therapist or someone who offers trauma therapy or even a professional to help you cope with the loss of a pet, you’ll find it on our list. Our endeavour is always to provide the most comprehensive information to our users and actually making a difference in their lives.”
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