Advanced Los Angeles Liposuction From Rejuvalife Vitality Institute

Liposuction is one of the most accepted and efficient procedures for removing excess fat and body sculpting, but the use of aggressive techniques and general anesthesia add significant risk.

Online PR News – 11-October-2011 – – Beverly Hills, CA (onlineprnews) October 10, 2011 - Liposuction is one of the most accepted and efficient procedures for removing excess fat and body sculpting, but the use of aggressive techniques and general anesthesia add significant risk. Advanced “awake” liposuction procedures, as used by Dr. Berger at Rejuvalife Vitality Institute, are quickly gaining attention as a safe and effective alternative to traditional liposuction. These minimally-invasive liposuction procedures use cutting-edge technology combined with advanced, gentle techniques to provide long-lasting results with minimal discomfort and quick recovery time, and without the use of general anesthesia.

General anesthesia, IV sedation, and the use of large aggressive cannulas and incorrect technique can increase the risks of Liposuction. Advanced Liposuction provides the least amount of risk because it does not require any of these, and uses gentler, more advanced techniques with local anesthesia. Results are dramatic and visible almost immediately, and patients walk in and walk out just before and immediately after their procedures, and can resume their normal routine as soon as the next day.

Rejuvalife offers several advanced liposuction technologies such as Liposculpture, Smartlipo™ and BodyJet™. Liposculpture is a minimally-invasive liposuction alternative used to sculpt, shape, smooth, and tighten the body. This technique uses smaller, more refined instruments than those used in traditional liposuction, which allows for decreased or no bleeding and bruising, as well as quicker recovery times. The procedure is fast with minimal discomfort, and because only very small skin punctures are used, there are no stitches and no visible scarring.

SmartLipo™ is a laser body sculpting treatment that effectively removes fat and tightens skin on the face, jawline, neck, arms, abdomen, bra buldges, male breasts, and other areas. SmartLipo™ uses a precise, powerful laser light beam to permanently melt fat and tighten skin and produce dramatic yet natural looking results, without the need for general anesthesia or IV sedation. There are no stitches, no unsightly scars, less bruising, less swelling and little downtime. It is also excellent when used in combination with Liposculpture or BodyJet™ for skin tightening, cellulite reduction and correcting contour irregularities.

BodyJet Liposuction uses a jet of water-like fluid to gently loosen fat cells from surrounding connective tissue, kind of like gently plucking individual grapes off a vine. The fat cells are removed without damaging surrounding blood vessels and connective tissues. This method is gentler on the patient and the doctor, is really well tolerated, is the ideal method of obtaining the purest fat suitable for immediate fat transfer, and is less likely to lead to contour irregularities than other methods. Your body will heal faster, allowing clearly visible results to be seen in as little as one to two weeks.

Liposuction los angeles. Dr. Berger has helped to pioneer newer, more advanced liposuction techniques and instruments that create healthy looking, natural and beautifully contoured bodies, and have virtually done away with the trauma of older techniques. Dr. Berger has established himself as a leading expert in Advanced Liposuction, and doctors from all over the country come to Dr. Berger to learn how to perform these remarkable procedures. Patients travel from around the globe for his personalized life-changing, body sculpting procedures to dramatically improve their appearance without the risks, downtime, and costs of traditional liposuction. For more information about Advanced Liposuction, los angeles liposuction, please visit or call (310)276-4494.