Elton John’s Million Dollar Piano Upsets ‘New Age’ Piano Teacher

Elton John brings his Pricey Piano to Las Vegas. But Not Everyone’s Happy about It

Online PR News – 10-October-2011 – – In case you haven’t heard, Elton John has recently returned to Las Vegas. And he’s brought a million dollar piano with him. The piano was built specially for the show in Vegas, and was finished days before Elton's first concert. Adorned with sixty-eight LED screens, the million dollar instrument is quite extravagant.

And that upsets ‘New Age’ pianist and teacher Edward Weiss.

Weiss says…

“Most of the United States is experiencing difficult times right now. I have nothing against Elton John or his music, but the whole idea of promoting a million dollar piano to sell concert tickets seems out of place with what so many are going through right now.”

Weiss, no stranger to the piano himself, teaches something called new age piano online. Soothing and relaxing, the New Age style, while not as popular as the rock piano style popularized by Elton John, has it’s controversy as well.

Weiss explains:

“The term ‘new age’ has gotten more flack than just about any other genre of music out there. But the fact is it’s just a soothing, relaxing piano style that many use to unwind with. My piano course teaches adults how to create their own tranquil soundscapes. And they won’t need a million dollar piano to do it either.”

The course Weiss teaches is not as famous as Elton John‘s Vegas show, but Weiss hopes to change all that.

A free piano lesson ‘Summer Morning’ and report are currently available on Weiss’s website at http://www.QuiescenceMusic.com