Gourmet Guru Adds Columbia Gorge Organic's Beverages to its Selection of Green Foods and Drinks

Organic and all natural food distributor Gourmet Guru will debut a symbiotic relationship with Columbia Gorge Organic in October 2011 to launch the company's cult-favorite smoothies, juices, and functional beverages to the Northeast.

Online PR News – 11-October-2011 – – Gourmet Guru, an organic and all natural food distributor since 1996 available online at http://www.GourmetGuru.com, is pleased to partner with Columbia Gorge Organic to bring the company's line of Super Green Food to the New York tri-state area, where it has never before been sold.

Columbia Gorge was founded by the Stewart family in Oregon's Hood River area in 1989 and represents three generations of organic farming and producing. A true farm to table (or, in this case, farm to bottle) operation, the family-owned business handles everything on site, from planting and harvesting to squeezing, pressing, and pureeing its fruits and vegetables. The company buys locally grown food direct from small farms for any additional fruits and veggies its recipes require.

"Family farms like Columbia Gorge are what Gourmet Guru is all about - it's our mission to promote sustainability and nutrition while supporting the little guy. You can't call Mr. Coke or Mr. Pepsi, but you can talk to the Stewart family or visit their farm," said Chief Executive Guru Jeff Lichtenstein.

Colombia Gorge Organic produces a wide range of all natural foods and drinks celebrated for their taste and nutritional value; the company has all of its recipes tweaked by a professional chef to create a truly memorable flavor profile. From the Valancia-orange-blasted Orange Carrot Banana Smoothie to the Tri-Melon Aqua Fresca morning pick-me-up, Columbia Gorge's certified organic products have garnered a loyal following that Gourmet Guru is excited to see spread to the Northeast.

Headquartered in a LEED-certified distribution center in Bronx, N.Y., Gourmet Guru serves wholesome food retailers and restaurants in the tri-state area. Gourmet Guru acts as an incubator for family produced and locally grown food and drink brands, providing the marketing savvy and logistical know-how to turn little known producers into household names.

The company was recently recognized by New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg as the 2011 Small Business of the Year for the Bronx, a celebration of the all natural food distributor's contribution to sustainability, nutrition, and employment.

"We're helping to bring farm to table products to the New York area, while educating New Yorkers about the benefits of organic food through healthy lifestyle initiatives for Guru team members and the community around us," Lichtenstein said.

To find out more about Gourmet Guru and Columbia Gorge Organic, visit the organic and wholesome food resources online at http://www.GourmetGuru.com and http://www.CoGoJuice.com, respectively, or call Gourmet Guru at 718-842-2828. The locally grown food distributor is also available on Facebook and Twitter at http://www.facebook.com/GourmetGuru and http://twitter.com/GourmetOrganic, and blogs about the benefits of organic foods at http://www.GourmetGuruBlog.com