“Families are grieving 24/7, 365 days a year from the lost of a loved one murdered inside their homes by burglars in America while Herman Cain and Lawrence O'Donnell conduct a sideshow how black he is – waz or wil-be,” says Carl Robinson, spokesman for wiiallc.com

Online PR News – 10-October-2011 – – Robinson said “I could not care less if I were marooned on a planet of apes whether Herman Cain gets the Republican nomination to run for the office of President of the United States. I’m interested in what he can do to open peoples’ eyes that one by one Americans are being picked off by house burglars like ducks in a carnival shooting gallery. It is a grisly, alarming crisis. Herman Cain and Lawrence O’Donnell butted heads in an Interview on the Last Word television show, while Americans are being stabbed, bludgeoned or garroted for being in their own homes or simply walking through the door after a long day at work.”

3.7 million home burglaries each year – or one home burglary every 8.5 seconds -- in 2008 and 2009, committed across the length and breath of the USA according to a study release by the United States Department of Justice, http://bjs.ojp.usdoj.gov/content/pub/pdf/cv09.pdf.

“28% of the ‘08 and ’09 burglaries – 2,072,000, a household member was present during the burglary. In 7% -- 518,000 a household member experienced some form of violent victimization or were murdered by the burglar," says wiiallc.com spokesman Carl Robinson. Now, nearly every American owns a mobile phone - and they carry it with them at all times. This is the quickest and surest way to get instant notification with direct cell phone pictures, when a burglar breaks into a person’s home. This is a very fast way to summon police help when you really need it. Not a single word has been uttered by Mr. Cain about this ghastly and persistent problem of home burglary murders.

The Herman Cain interview by MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell about the “civil rights' movement, whether or not the black community has been brainwashed into voting for democrats, and whether or not Cain should have more actively participated in the civil rights movement took place on October 6, 2011.

O’DONNELL: "The book you're selling down there at Barnes & Noble today, you write, 'The civil rights movement was a few years in front of me. I was too young to participate when they first started the freedom rides and the sit-ins. So, on a day-to-day basis it didn't have an impact. I just kept going to school, doing what I was supposed to do, and stayed out of trouble. I didn't go downtown and try to participate in sit-ins. Counter to our real feelings, we decided to avoid trouble by moving to the back of the bus when the driver told us to. Dad always said, "Stay out of trouble," and we did.' Where do you think black people would be sitting on the bus today if Rosa Parks had followed your father's advice?"

CAIN: My father was not giving Rosa Parks' advice. You are distorting the intent of what I said. I was a high school student. The college students were doing the sit-ins. The college students were doing the freedom rides. If I had been a college student, I probably would have been participating. But if you're a high school student in the 10th or 11th grade, you're under 18 years of age, you didn't need to get arrested and be in the middle of that. That was the intent of what I said relative to me not being involved. This is what my dad meant. It was not prudent for a high school student to be in the middle of what was going on in terms of those demonstrations.

O’DONNELL: "Mr. Cain, in fact, you were in college from 1963 to 1967, at the height of the civil rights movement, exactly when the most important demonstrations and protests were going on. You could easily as a student at Morehouse between 1963 and 1967 actively have participated in the kinds of protests that got African-Americans the rights they enjoy today. You watched from that perspective at Morehouse when you were not participating in those processes. You watched black college students from around the country and white college students from around the country come to the South and be murdered, fighting for the rights of African-Americans. Do you regret sitting on those sidelines at that time?"

CAIN: Let me ask you a question. Did you expect every black student and every black college in America to be out there in the middle of every fight? The answer is no. So, for you to say "why was I sitting on the sidelines?" I think that that is an inaccurate deduction that you are trying to make. You didn't know, Lawrence, what I was doing with the rest of my life. You didn't know what my family situation may have been. Maybe, just maybe, I had a sick relative, which is why I might not have been sitting in or doing the freedom rides. So, what I'm saying, Lawrence, is -- with all due respect, my friend -- your deduction is incorrect and it's not logical, okay?”

“Lawrence O’Donnell obviously has a lot of Chutzpah. Herman Cain who appears to believe that the unemployed who are not rich should blame themselves because its their own fault; that gay people choose their sexuality; on the quack science he pledges allegiance to; his avoidance of service in Vietnam; and his backtracking on Rick Perry “Niggerhead” debacle, shuffled, jived, buck-danced, bobbed, weaved and cake-walked in a way that really disturbed me” said Robinson. “What would Herman Cain say to the survivors of a home burglary murder victim – it’s their own fault? Herman Cain’s extremely rapid eye blinking, obvious agitation, and on the edge of overt fluster demeanor suggested that he was about to go Neanderthal all over Lawrence O’Donnell. So-called black conservatives benefit from the Black Freedom Struggle, but like Clarence Thomas are little more than professional hit-men and assassins for white Conservatives and the Tea Party GOP. 1% of America has Cain’s ear. The rest of us -- it’s a Darwin thing.”

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