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01/13/2010 added a new report on "Home & Garden Pesticides" which gives the information about the growth of biopesticide products available to the home and garden market.

Online PR News – 13-January-2010 – – Home & Garden Pesticides

Home & garden pesticides continue to seek perfect mix of safety, effectiveness
The $1.4 billion US home and garden pesticide market is expected to register growth, despite the overall maturity of the market. Volume sales are expected to recover somewhat from a poor performance in 2008, in which growth was weak in volume terms. Consumer concerns about lawn appearance, protecting food and ornamental garden plants, and household pest control remain strong forces behind demand for home and garden pesticides. Homeowners have also become more aware of the effect that attractive landscaping, a well-maintained lawn and a clean, pest-free house can have on property resale values. Additionally, heightened consumer attention to environmental issues has driven demand for biopesticides and other alternative products based on such materials as essential oils and botanical extracts, especially for use in food-producing gardens. ( )

Market maturity presents supplier challenges
In volume terms, the US pesticide market, including the consumer segment, is essentially mature. Active ingredient usage in the consumer market is expected to continue to grow modestly, more or less on par with growth of population and household formulation.

Moreover, the number of new active ingredients to gain approval by the US EPA is small, and most of the active ingredients in home and garden pesticides have been on the market for decades. As a result, suppliers focus on developing improved versions of extant formulations, such as multi-active products designed for broader effectiveness, or improving packaging formats to allow the introduction of formulated consumer pesticides that are safer to handle and easier to use, such as ROUNDUP PUMP ‘N GO SPRAYER, that features an extendable wand that can spray continuously for five minutes.

Additionally, the number of biopesticide products available to the home and garden market has continued to grow. These biopesticides include products based on Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt), which has become widely used in agriculture but is only beginning to establish a market presence in the home and garden segment; and natural pesticides and repellents based on such products as neem oil, garlic oil and putrescent egg solids, in addition to better-known products such as citronellabased repellents.

“New” target organisms create new opportunities
Despite the relative maturity of the overall market, new target organisms emerge, or in some cases, re-emerge -- creating market opportunities for home and garden pesticides. Among the widely reported such opportunities has been created by the re-emergence of bedbugs. Essentially eradicated via the use of the notorious insecticide DDT, bedbug infestations have occurred more frequently, especially in urban areas. In the Southern US, red imported fire ants have spread throughout the region over the past few decades. Despite these new challenges, established products are available to address them. Overall, however, suppliers are expected to move to a greater regional focus, with products geared to address target organisms in specific areas, along with marketing efforts tailored to each region.

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