Dinamalar.com unveils its app for Android platform mobile phones

Dinamalar.com expects the launch of their new Android mobile application, which supports mobile phones that has Android OS 1.6 and above, to exponentially increase its reach in the coming months.

Online PR News – 09-October-2011 – – Dinamalar.com, the leading Tamil publication website launched its app for Android mobile phone users. A launch that closely follows in the heels of the unveiling of the publication website’s iPad app a couple of weeks ago, the new app hopes to tap into yet another pocket of the Tamil audience that incessantly stays connected to the news from across the globe.

With the growing number of smartphones in the market functioning with the help of diverse operating systems, it has become a necessity to create customised mobile apps that can seamlessly integrate with the specific OS. And with the market share for Android-powered devices snowballing over the years with Canalys estimates stating that nearly 550,000 Android devices are being activated by Google every day, creating an app for the Android OS was a logical necessity.

Dinamalar.com expects the launch of their new Android mobile application, which supports mobile phones that has Android OS 1.6 and above, to exponentially increase its reach in the coming months. Compatible with leading brands like Samsung, LG, Sony Ericson, HTC, Motorola, DELL and Acer, etc, this new application from Dinamalar.com has been created by the highly experienced team from Softcraft Systems, an emerging mobile software solutions company that specialises in application development for new generation smartphones.

An initiative that will pave the way for the publication website to make inroads into a much larger cross-section of audience pools, Dinamalar’s Android mobile app carries an intuitive medley of sections that will keep its readers informed 24x7.

Comprising of the latest news from around the world, India and Tamil Nadu, Dinamalar’s new Android mobile app will also feature special sections, pictures, video galleries, latest cricket updates and the other interesting features that have over the years made Dinamalar.com one of the most visited publication websites in the country.

Speaking on foraying into yet another app enabled target space, L. Adimoolam, Chief Marketing Officer Dinamalar.com stated, “The pile of innovations from our publication has reached a feverish pitch this year. With Dinamalar.com unveiling its Android phone app we hope we’ll be able to bridge a larger part of the information gap. Our primary motive has always remained making news accessible to all and with readers today choosing a vast spectrum of modes to access the web, we felt compelled to be present in as many of those spaces as possible. Moreover, as soon as Dinamalar had launched the iPhone & iPod and iPad app, we were flooded with requests for an Android-specific app, which was hard to ignore. And we hope that this launch will give our readers who access the web through Android-powered smartphones the chance to stay informed of the news as and when it happens.”

In the past few months Dinamalar.com has strategically extended its accessibility across a wider range of audience segments. With the iPod & iPhone app attracting more than 50,000 downloads and the iPad app already having crossed more than 9,000 downloads in 2 weeks and receiving rave reviews, it wouldn’t be long before the new app for Android-enabled phones, becomes the most sought-after by the Tamil audiences across the globe.

Incidentally Dinamalar’s Android mobile app has already recorded more than 15,000 downloads with Indian users forming the majority at 65%, followed by Singapore, US, UK and Middle-East. With India amongst the largest mobile phones users in the world and the Tamil audience have a big share in it, the app, which hit the market on 6th Sept, 2011 is anticipated to record a large number of downloads within the coming weeks. It’s already top 3rd app in Android News & Magazine category. And now with more launches in the pipeline, this year would mark the unveiling of a wide gamut of reader-centric innovations from the publication website, thus catapulting its position in the online space.

Talking about the new addition Balasubramanian, Head - Marketing (New Media) at Dinamalar.com stated, “Dinamalar.com has added yet another feather to its cap of intuitive reader-centric initiatives. Since the expectations and preferences of the end-user is the chief driving point, we felt it was necessary to create an app for Android phones, as the market is currently flooded with these devices with a proportionate increase in users too. Designed to make it easy to access the news-on-the-go, Dinamalar’s Android mobile app carries all the most accessed sections, ensuring that our readers never experience a dearth of information when they need it the most.”