AsraiStyle launches its Signature Collection of Handbags

AsraiStyle known for its exquisite variety of fashion apparels and accessories has now launched its latest Signature collection of handbags that are made from very fine and premium quality of vintage tribal fabrics.

Online PR News – 09-October-2011 – – Asrai Style an online company that has been in business since 2008 has made a renowned name for itself for specializing in very unique,trendy and one of a kind fashion apparels and accessories.The online store aims at giving its prestigious customers a new range of products that makes it launch its recent signature collection of handbags.The handbags featured in this category are very different than the normal bags and are made up of old Banjara textile fabrics collected from the rural tribal areas of India and Thailand.
These exclusive handbags stand out from the rest of the bags in aspect of its antique craftsmanship that requires a lot of hard work in making each one of them.The craftsmen involved in making these handbags expertise in their work and ends up making a product that is very clean and fine.These handbags use different and vibrant colours of fabrics which are then transformed into variety of designs like embroidered patchwork and decorated with pom poms and antique coins.The craftsmen take the full detailing into consideration to enhance every portion of the handbag with intricate design.
Though their supply is becoming limited with the upcoming machine made handbags,but you would be surprised to know that their demand is still not on a decline.Many people go long way searching for them because of the perfect blend of indo western beauty that is incorporated in one handbag.They offer you with designs that overshadows the handbags of other brands and yet provides a touch of sophistication to your attire.You can take pride in carrying it if you possess one.They mark as a status symbol too because they are very rarely found.
The signature handbags are available in a wide range of sizes and shapes to provide each one of them with a characteristic of their own.You will be able to chose from a significantly larger collection of these handbags on our website that ranges from $99-$199.Each bag is worth the price as they are handcrafted made by the rural workers of India and serves as a use for every kind of occasions and clothing.They are perfect for carrying all your basic and important stuff and at the same time makes you look fashionable and classy.
If you are looking for a unique handbag to carry with your outfit that looks class apart from the monotonous handbags found everywhere,then its time to explore through our signature collection of handbags and locate the one to suit your choice and personality.