Now deciding right Software Applications is easy with EvaluateApps

EvaluateApps made it very easy and fast, to test, take trial, explore various functionalities and decide usefulness of Software Applications. The site is launched January, 2010, and offering FREE joining. On EvaluateApps, a wide variety of software applications are kept readily installed for your trial.

Online PR News – 13-January-2010 – – In Information Technology, we need many software applications to provide service to our clients / website visitors / users. Choosing right software application is vital for success. Lot of time and efforts are required to select right application. Moreover we need to download & install the particular application before we actually test it. Everyone doing this job, knows, how time consuming it is to download, install and configure a new software application.

The good news is now you need not spend your time and energy for downloading, installation and configuration of software applications. EvaluateApps made it very easy and fast. This site is launched in the first week of January, 2010, and receiving good response from users. On EvaluateApps, a wide variety of software applications are kept readily installed for your trial.
• No hassle of downloading,
• No installation required,
• No Configuration,
• No Trial and Error for making it workable.

Everything is ready. You just have to join and start exploring the software applications of your interest. Right now you have seven different software applications to choose from :
• SugarCRM – The leading open source CRM software helps you in business development, sales and marketing.
• Joomla – Very popular CMS for making and maintaining websites
• Drupal – It is a CMS + CMF give you advantage of complete control over the website and contents management.
• Magento - Magento leads in e-commerce with catalog and customer management, central administration over multiple storefronts, support for multiple currencies and languages.
• Piwik - Piwik aims to be the open source alternative to Google Analytics, and it's gaining fast.
• osCommerce – osCommerce is a very popular online shopping framework. You can setup your E Shop with ease. Sell your Products online and collect payments.
• WordPress - WordPress is a state-of-the-art publishing platform with a focus on aesthetics, web standards, and usability. WordPress is best to work with your blogging software.

This is only beginning. EvaluateApps plan to provide many more software applications to its users. You can also request the software application of your choice for taking trial.

As a launching offer, joining EvaluateApps is FREE (for limited time). So rush and explore software applications at .