FitnessHealthandMind.Com to Launch New Website, October 15!

FitnessHealthandMind.Com is today announcing its newly created website,, will be officially launched on October 15th 2011.

Online PR News – 09-October-2011 – – FitnessHealthandMind.Com is today announcing its newly created website,, will be officially launched on October 15th 2011.

This uniquely free “get fit” website, according to owner/founder Craig Savino, has been designed by a Master Personal Trainer and broken down into four main categories to make it easy to follow and to help users learn the basics of fitness form and technique, progressive nutritional information, starting with the basics of nutrition and educating the user on healthy eating habits.

“Starting with Goal Setting, the Mind Area allows the user to understand the basic mechanics of success and starting to think in the success mind set,” said Craig.

However, The Advanced Gold Membership area, which is the final stage, has a small monthly recurring fee, but takes the user of the site on a continuous journey with advanced techniques in getting super fit. This area comes with a lot of video presentations depicting various aspect of the fitness regime.

With its “Get fit now and lose weight”, the FitnessHealthandMind.Com site offers an easy to follow along free get fit website that explains its uniqueness as compared to other fitness sites.

Persons being targeted by FitnessHealthandMind.Com, according to Craig, is anyone from age 16 upwards, male or female, single, married, with partner, divorced, separated, with or without kids, who need help, education, and guidance regarding fitness (physical activity), nutrition (losing or gaining weight), and mind-power techniques to help get the user in the right frame of mind to succeed and reach their goals.

“Whether you are a minimum wage earner or millionaire, our website can be of tremendous benefit to you,” said Craig.

With the obesity epidemic continuing to spiral out of control, Craig said the education process starts at his site with an easy to follow friendly and progressive site. “Anyone who struggles with their weight, maybe under active, or even fairly fit and looking for new challenges to boost their fitness to the next level would be interested in coming to the site to see what it has to offer,” he said.

This site tackles the big issues facing most people in the world today, and answers some serious questions, such as “How can I lose weight and keep it off?” “Can I learn proper technique and form when it comes to resistance training?” and “Can I start thinking in the success state of mind to make it all happen.”

“This site begins with the mind, moves to resistance training and form, and educates the user on nutrition starting with the basics,” noted Craig, who as a Professional Personal Trainer understands how tough it is to find good quality, easy to navigate and sound information in one place on the internet to do with getting fit, understanding nutrition, how to lose weight for good and putting the mind power techniques into practice to ensure success.

For further information, please contact: Craig Savino, +44 (0) 7545 295545,, or visit