Westchester County Roof Washing and Mildew Removal by Alpine Home Improvement Cmpany

Alpine Home Improvement Company is offering mildew and mold removal for homes in Westchester, Putnam, and Fairfield Connecticut. We are an authorized Roof Reviver professional. We offer full service cleaning to make sure your home will not be damaged from the fall rains and leaves.

Online PR News – 07-October-2011 – – Alpine Home Improvement Company, located in Mahopac New York is proud to serve Westchester County and the surrounding area. They are an authorized Roof Reviver professional. Modern shingles are prone to algae growth, moss, fungus and black stains. If you own a home in Mahopac, Peekskill, Yorktown or anywhere in Westchester County you will notice that the north side of your home tends to accumulate moss, fungus and mildew. The fall adds to these problems and left untreated could damage and devalue your home.

This biological growth also attacks wood shakes and clay tile roof material. Shingle manufacturers did not intentionally create this side effect. However, moss, algae and fungus are consuming and decomposing your shingles, just as a fallen tree is decomposed in the forest. The simple fact is that roof material now contains nutrients that algae, moss and fungus like to eat.

We knew that shingle formulas used throughout Westchestr would not be changing back to the other stuff (non-algae food), so we designed a safe and effective cure for this widespread and costly problem. Roof Reviver™ safely kills this biological growth without harming the roof. We even went one step further and had our products tested by the finest shingle makers in the world like GAF and Elk. Successful treatment involves understanding the cause of the problem, not just splashing toxic chemicals on the roof. An equally challenging problem was that algae and fungus are able to flourish on shingles as we stand helpless on the ground. After all, a roof is not the safest place to work. With this in mind, we developed affordable pumps that let anyone apply Roof Reviver™ from the ground. Once Roof Reviver(TM) has been applied to moss, algae or fungus, no other work is required. Rain and wind will quickly finish the rinsing process for you.

Simply put, Alpine Home Improvement Company, along with Painting Works are your certified Roof Reviver professional. Do not let the mildew get the best of your home. Contact us today.