2012 Cast Iron Sculpture Workshops is calling all Work Study Artists and Interested Participants.

Sculpture Trails Iron Foundry invites artists of all experience levels to participate in the Annual Sculpture Trails Cast Iron Sculpture Workshops July 2012. We are also seeking extremely motivated work study artists for the entire month of July 2012

Online PR News – 06-October-2011 – – The work study artist program is set up for Artists that are looking for hands on learning experiences involving: Cast iron sculpture, mold making, iron furnace prep and iron pour crew involvement, sculpture conservation, outdoor sculpture installation, and how to play with fire!

Requirements to become a work study artist are as follows.
1. Able to work for the whole month of July 2012.
2. Proof of health insurance.
3. Responsible for your food, sand and iron cost.
4. The $1600 stipend is waived for work study artists.
5. Some universities will issue credit for this month. Check with your university.
6. You do not need to be a student, to be a work study artists.
You only need passion for the arts and a willingness to work, learn and get dirty!
7. We also need one administrative/personal assistant.
The personal assistant will blog about each day’s events, take in money, be organized, reliable and task orientated.
8. All work study artists are encouraged to make a sculpture, only paying for sand and iron.
9. All work study artists are automatically accepted into the Iron Sculpture Exhibition.
10. You will work with artists from all over the world and you are eligible to become a Trails Artist.

Here are a few quotes from 2011 work study artists.

“The work study month at Sculpture Trails is some of the hardest work that can possibly be done in the name of art. The knowledge you gain of what you are capable of as an iron pourer, artist, and person is more than an entire year spent at any university.” Devin, IU grad student.

“As a work study artist at Sculpture Trails I grew, not only as an artist, but as a person. There is no experience like being totally immersed in the process of making cast iron art alongside the artists that are drawn to Sculpture Trails”.
Robin, Corpus Christy grad student.

“To be a work study artist at the Sculpture Trails I can only describe as the process of learning to dance with master artisans. We worked hard, played hard and learned more in a month than could be compressed in a year anywhere else. The trails are a beautiful place to step out of the everyday mundane, live in the woods and accomplish great things with a crew you may never have met but become family.”
Mira, Wisconsin Artist

Along with the Work Study Program, we are also inviting Artists of all experience levels to participate in our Month long Annual Sculpture Trails cast iron sculpture workshops July 2012.

Participants are encouraged to book a week now, online at our Early Bird Special Pricing. Each workshop session will be held for 1 week, Monday to Monday for the entire month of July 2012. Participants will be working alongside a crew of professional Iron Sculptors, helping run the Iron Foundry, and mold making workshop to bring the participants sculptural visions to life. One week is the minimum, but you can also book, 2, 3 or even 4 weeks.

“Last year was a huge success! We cast over 10 tons of iron and created
over 100 new cast iron sculptures. This workshop is exploding with
energy and is booking up fast!”
Gerard Masse, Director of the Cast Iron Sculpture Workshops

We have openings for 5 Artists a week offered on a first come first serve basis.
It is open to all experience levels. Each artist will be invited to put a sculpture in the Cast Iron Sculpture Exhibition. It’s a two-year show on the Museum Grounds.
Your workshop registration fee includes many pattern and flask materials, free camping at the Cliffside Campground and wellness cabin, 24-hour access to the facilities at the Iron Foundry and all the help you need to make your stay a success from the work-study artists.

Participants are responsible for the cost of their sand at 25 cents a pound and iron at 50 cents a pound. This price includes chemicals, waste removal, propane and fuel coke. Food cost is about $45 a week if you join in on the family style dinners.

WHAT IF I DON”T CAST IRON? Sculpture Trails has developed many techniques to help painters, ceramicists, woodworkers and stone carvers bring their skills to the casting and mold making process. This is a very unique and compelling prospect for many artists and our community. Participants will be working alongside a crew of professional artist, and mold makers to help bring their sculptural visions to life.

The Cast Iron Sculpture Workshop Early Bird Registration is recommended to guarantee your reservation. Book your workshop now.

2012 Sculpture Trails CISW Fees

Early bird Special 1: Register and pay now thru December 31, 2011 $375 first week
Add a day for $50 ea.
Early bird Special 2: Register January 1, 2012 to February 29, 2012 $420 first week.
Add a day for $55 ea.
Regular Registration: March 1, 2012 to May 31, 2012 $455 first week.
Add a day for $60 ea.
Sculpture Workshops are held on the Museum Grounds at the Sculpture Trails Iron Foundry in Solsberry, IN during July 2012. To become a Work Study Artist email a request for Work Study info through our website. To become a Cast Iron Sculpture Workshop participant visit SculptureTrails.com and apply and pay online via paypal.

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