New England Wholesale Food Distributor Gives Advice on National Pizza Month

AGAR Celebrates October with Expertise in an All-time Favorite

Online PR News – 06-October-2011 – – New England Wholesale food distributor AGAR, product specialist for independent restaurants, retailers and other food service providers including pizza and sub shops have developed some advice for National Pizza Month.

National Pizza Month is October. Wholesale food distributor AGAR serves countless pizza and sub operations in and around New England. AGAR not only helps these operators with the best in products and ingredients, but they also offer sound advice on running their operation and suggestions on menu items to increase bottom line and build new customers. Even more advice and video can be found here:

A Few Suggestions include:

Try New Things: Customers do get bored and the best way to keep them coming back is to try new menu items and create pizzas that no one else in the area is creating.

Use National Pizza Month as a Marketing Tool: Promote National Pizza Month to your customers and your community. Many operators will just conduct business as usual and you have an opportunity to rise above and differentiate your shop.

Get Creative: AGAR carries an endless line of pizza products including new items such as flavored pizza dough such as herb and spices and specialty cheeses for toppings. Mix it up and add these to your menu. Add some Latino flair with Hormel chorizo pizza topping, spicy shredded chicken or pork topping the pizza. Make a unique vegetarian pizza. Put out spicy hot sauces because young crowds are adding spice to everything. They are looking for the place with the hot sauce.

If You Don’t Serve Pizza; Start: Any restaurant that can reinvent itself on a regular basis will continue to grow and build new customers. If your operation does not sell pizza, this is the best time to start or at the very least, run a special for the month. Use ready made dough for operator ease or different pre-made shells.

Offer Gluten Free Pizza
There are gluten-free shells available to be sure to cater to all dietary needs. There is even a gluten-free self-contained pizza kit that is new to the market.

“There is no better way to build pizza business or other food establishment than to be constantly evolving the menu,” states Karen S. Bressler, president and CEO of AGAR. “The way to profitability is to try new things, creating winning menu items and watch food costs. AGAR can help with all of these.”

About AGAR:
Wholesale food distributor Agar Supply Co, Inc., based in Taunton, Massachusetts is New England’s largest independent food distributor and the thirteenth largest in the United States. AGAR offers a wide range of solutions for the food service industry. The company is New England’s premier supplier of meats, poultry, seafood and grocery items as well as dairy products, non-perishables, non food items, janitorial supplies and small wares. AGAR is also the exclusive distributor of the Seafood brand Nautifish and Bullpen, a complete line of portion-controlled meats and poultry. Contact AGAR at 800-669-6040 or

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