Book Chronicling Pineapple Industry History in the Hawaiian Islands Hits Amazon

Extensive interviews and hundreds of historic pictures fill this 696-page book by Jack Larsen. Hawaiian Pineapple Entrepreneurs chronicles the growth and decline of an industry and a way of life in the Hawaiian Islands. Produced by Creative Company, the book is available on Amazon and through Creative Company’s website.

Online PR News – 06-October-2011 – – This remarkable and extensive story, developed from years of detailed research and more than 170 personal interviews, weaves together corporate documents, personal memories, archived articles, blueprints, hundreds of historic photos and individual perspectives of both laborers and managers who lived the life required to grow, manage, process and promote Hawaiian pineapple.

Larsen’s 696-page book represents fifteen years of dedication, research, writing and production to deliver a fascinating and insightful look into the entrepreneurial spirit that drove the early years of pineapple in Hawai‘i; living and working on a plantation; innovations in mechanization and the promotion of Hawaiian pineapple; the continuing challenges of an agricultural business; and the growth, evolution and decline of an industry and way of life. Each chapter tells a piece of the pineapple story, spanning from the establishment of the pineapple industry in the 1800s to the closure of Hawai‘i’s last pineapple facility in 2007.

The story of pineapple in Hawai‘i is of people, places and companies fitted together during its rise, peak and decline spanning the twentieth century. By the late 1920s at least sixteen pineapple growing or processing firms were located on six of the eight major islands. At its peak in the 1940s, canned pineapple equaled more than two-thirds the dollar value of Hawai‘i’s raw sugar sales. Facing worldwide competition, increasing land prices and labor costs, the pineapple industry began its decline in the 1970s, to the final closure of the last canning facility at Maui Pineapple in June of 2007.

- Excerpt from Hawaiian Pineapple Entrepreneurs

Author Jack L. Larsen’s eighteen-year career in the pineapple industry in Hawai‘i inspired the research and writing of this book. Beginning in 1952, he worked on the Dole Lāna‘i plantation for three years and was then moved to Dole’s Wahiawā plantation before being transferred to the cannery in Honolulu. After two years on the mainland at Castle & Cooke canneries in California and Oregon, he returned to Hawai‘i as Director of Pineapple Planning in a worldwide search for low-cost pineapple production areas. He then left Dole to establish his own firm, Agroland Inc., to consult on growing and processing tropical crops around the world.
Before writing Hawaiian Pineapple Entrepreneurs, Jack personally conducted more than a 170 interviews with those directly involved in the industry, many of whom have since passed away, and pursued detailed research in various corporate archives, at the Bishop Museum and at the University of Hawai‘i to establish the foundation for this thorough compilation of the pineapple industry in Hawai‘i.

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