Find Additional Savings on Caster Wheels by Shopping Specials and Overruns

Customers that need to make stationary items mobile with caster wheels have a resource to find precisely what they need with Access Casters, Inc. Now, additional savings can be realized, particularly for low quantity orders, by shopping the specials and overruns featured on the site.

Online PR News – 06-October-2011 – – Access Casters, Inc is the leading online retailer of caster wheels for any use, from bakery carts to medical equipment. They have the most comprehensive selection of leveling casters, medical casters, stem casters and more available anywhere, not to mention superior pricing. Customers can get even more significant discounts by shopping the site’s Specials and Overruns page.

Those customers that simply need to replace one or a handful of caster wheels for their establishment or organization will appreciate the discounts they see. The casters deemed overrun are often only available in limited quantities, but that may not be an issue for the customer just seeking a replacement wheel.

These are just some of the caster wheels that are overstocked or left over from larger orders. If this happens to be what you need why not take advantage of lower pricing?

“There is absolutely nothing wrong with the caster wheels shown on this page,” adds Kelly Piechocki, with Access Casters. “These are just some of the caster wheels that are overstocked or left over from larger orders. If this happens to be what you need, why not take advantage of lower pricing?”

Selections in this category change periodically, but are not limited to discontinued items or less popular selections. “If you need leveling casters, you may get lucky and find one on special; if you need stem caster, those may have an overrun discount. It never hurts to check here first. Companies that rely on the mobility of their equipment will certainly appreciate the savings,” Piechocki points out.

Many companies rely on caster wheels to keep operations humming. Access Casters has the selection necessary to most appropriately match usage with a wheel, from stem casters designed exclusively for the medical industry to leveling casters that are ideal for furniture and more. Each product on the site has a detailed product description that outlines all potential uses and also provides product specifications, such as size, weight capacities, features and more.

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About Access Casters:

Access Casters provides casters wheels for every need and industry. With competitive pricing, broad product line, honesty and integrity, Access Casters provides the highest level of customer service in the industry. Centrally located in Chicago, Access Casters has strong relationships with Albion Industries, MedCasters, Darnell-Rose Caster Concepts, Hamilton, and ITW Plastiguide. These relationships allow the sales team to work closely with customers to provide what they need, when they need it.

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