The Big Zipper - Your Smart Phone App To Have Real-Time Access To Local News And Local Gossip

The Big Zipper is a smart phone app for smart phones that can provide you with your need for local news and local gossip, wherever and whenever you want it.

Online PR News – 07-October-2011 – – The Big Zipper is a smart phone app for smart phones that can provide you with your need for local news and local gossip, wherever and whenever you want it. This smart phone app is a breakthrough in the field of civilian journalism and information dissemination as it can easily allow sharing of local news and local gossips that can set some things straight for those who need them. When something important breaks in the locality, the people in the Big Zipper network are sure to know about it.

This app has adapted well to the current technological trends of the world, too. As it is not news that everything nowadays is almost always conducted through handheld devices such as smart phones and android tablets, people have grown to rely on their devices more. Whereas they only serve as channels of personal connections, in the past, today - thanks smart phone apps and droid apps like The Big Zipper - their mobile phones have turned into dependable hosts of local news and local gossips that can put them in the loop, anytime they turn it on.

How Can The Big Zipper Work To Your Advantage?
The first good thing about The Big Zipper is that it is a smart phone app is that it comes with additional free features. In a world where information is hardly ever free, this is indeed a nice refreshing development. Users would not have to worry about paying for monthly subscriptions just to access the benefits that this smart phone app can provide. And, as it would not take up a lot of your phone memory, anyone is guaranteed that the app is not going to stand in the way of the other things that they enjoy such as music and videos.

Next, The Big Zipper comes with free texting. In addition to free downloads, those who would sign up to be a part of The Big Zipper network would be treated to a cost-free way of sending local news and local gossip. This surely facilitates easier transmission of relevant news and information. When people know that they can send and receive messages without charges, they would feel more better about sharing the news and gossips they have stumbled upon. Free texting is going to make sure that the transfer of information would come easier to people, and incredibly faster.

And, for people who are concerned about their privacy and security, The Big Zipper also allows private texting. This means that you would be able to send and receive messages only to and from those people you have actively chosen to include in your network. Private texting would do a lot to assure you that your messages would not be broadcasted over a network that is visible to everyone.

This world is a slave to information. And, people on the planet have realized that the capacity to know is sometimes what makes a very important difference. Local news and local gossips should always be made available to those who need them, as those nuggets of knowledge may very well be what saves people from a whole heap of bad things. Thanks to The Big Zipper, that is now more achievable.