New Website Finds Homes for Micro Mini Teacup Pigs as Pets - Man's New Best Friend

September 27, 2011, Toronto, ON, The latest teacup pig adoption agency has launched its new website at

Online PR News – 07-October-2011 – – September 27, 2011, Toronto, ON, The latest teacup pig adoption agency has launched its new website at The user-friendly site, created by Miniature Piggies for Sale, embodies the forward–thinking vision and dedication to the growing demand for man's new best friend, the teacup pig. Based on extensive marketing analysis of both buyers and sellers in the mini pet pig lovers world, it offers:

Rich, high-quality content about teacup pigs and how to raise them;
Social media links for teacup pig pet owners and breeders;
Direct links to related resources;
Easy to use email feature for continuous customer support;
Optional email signup for updates on new litters;
Safe purchase through wire transfer to reputable bank.

Simple Navigation
The site’s homepage greets visitors with the Buy Teacup Pigs logo: A tiny piglet perched atop its teacup "body" with its curly tail peeking from behind. The subtle pink and light gray colors enhance the website's clean, simple design. The main navigation bar, located beneath the logo area is easy to read and self-explanatory, containing page links for an adoption form, contact information, shipping information and shipping to Canada information.

The home page posts pictures of mini pigs ready for adoption along with short, bulleted descriptions detailing size, color, or other information specific to the mini pig or litter. With one click, the customer can access additional information, including price. A "Buy Now" button and request for adoption is conveniently located beneath each extended description. The buy button takes the customer to the PayPal website for a convenient, secure purchase.

With one click of the adoption form button, customers can fill out any easy questionnaire to apply for adoption. The adoption form page can be easily exited by clicking on the browser arrow back button or any button in the navigation bar, the location of which remains unchanged throughout the website.

The "Shipping Info" and "Ship to Canada" buttons give customers accurate, clear shipping information.

Quick, Easy Searching
Looking for a specific type of mini pig? The area to the right of each page of the website lists "Recent Posts" and "Categories". Customers can click on either specific posts or attributes that will filter and list the specific mini pig they want. For customers who are seeking a cost-effective purchase, the "under $1,000" category will prove quite handy. Each page of this website contains this convenient search area as well.

If a customer does not find a suitable piggy or if their choice is not available, provides an optional waiting list for new litters. In two simple steps, customers can sign up to receive information via email on new litters. This form is also located in every page of the website

About Teacup Pigs
Teacup pigs have been around for a long time. Prominent British singers, actors and public figures began sporting them around England a few years ago. Soon the British invasion took hold in America with socialite Paris Hilton leading the herd. Their unique tiny size, hefty price and celebrity endorsement guarantee their must-have status among those eager for the latest craze.

Concerns regarding their actual adult weight versus their promised adult weight was the primary reason for potential mini pet owners to shy away. However, new breeds now come closer to keeping these pint-sized porkers within miniature status. The right breed with proper diet and exercise will ensure a smaller, easy to handle pet no bigger than a medium-sized dog.

The owners of bring an informative, comprehensive site dedicated to the growing demand for man's new best friend, providing customers with a high-quality purchase.

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