OID Limited Launches New International Business Companies (IBC) Incorporation Services In Dominica

Offshore in Dominica (OID) is an offshore services provider based on the Commonwealth of Dominica which provides company incorporation.

Online PR News – 07-October-2011 – – Offshore in Dominica (OID) is an offshore services provider based on the Commonwealth of Dominica which provides company incorporation. Offshore banking services are suitable for people who feel that their assets are insecure. Foreigners whose countries have economy instabilities should sign up for offshore company incorporation services. Often, government in countries with economic instability will confiscate the assets of the local people.

Offshore in Dominica (OID) offers various types of offshore services including International Business Companies (IBC) incorporation services, and nominee director services. It also help customers to open multi currencies accounts in an offshore private bank based in the Commonwealth of Dominica. Setting up an offshore company will give the customer lots of financial advantages. Offshore incorporation is advantageous because it allows the customer to gain maximum profit margin. Customers who have set up the offshore company will not be charged with VAT, capital gain tax and income tax.

In order to set up an International Business Company, you need to fulfill several requirements. The International Business Companies (IBC) company must have 1 director and 1 shareholder. It is not necessary to hire staff or secretary for the company. One person can hold two roles including director and shareholder. The director and shareholder must be a natural person. Alternatively, the corporate entities can also be the director and shareholder. The nationalities of the directory and shareholder are not important. This is because residents from any country can become the director and shareholder. Both bearer shares and non-par value shares are allowed. There is no limitation concerning the value of the share capital. Offshore in Dominica (OID) does not take into account the share capital value when charging the incorporation fees and annual fees.

Clients are required to pay the annual fees on the company registration date. For example, if the IBC company is incorporated on the 3rd of May, the client will have to pay the annual fee on the 3rd of May. If you fail to pay the annual fee, you will be charged with a penalty fee. Clients can invest the share capital in any currency they want. The client doesn’t have to travel to Dominic to carry out any activity for the company. There is no need to travel to Dominica to incorporate the company. In Dominica, there is a closed registry of directors and shareholders. Dominica does not have dual taxation treaties with other countries so the clients are not required to exchange information with the authorities of other countries.

The International Business Companies (IBC) can have various types of endings including Corp., LLC, TOO, PLC and etc. Offshore companies that are registered in the Commonwealth of Dominica cannot do business with local residents. They also cannot have any interest in the local real estate property in Dominica. The advantage of incorporating in Dominica is that the client will be exempted from tax. Shareholders can hold meetings in any place around the world. The shareholders don’t have to meet personally when holding annual meetings. Shareholders can hold online meetings without coming together and meet in one place.