bLite Free Weight Loss Support Group with Thoughts For Foods Holist Health

Weight Management Support Group available at no-cost to support your weight loss effort

Online PR News – 06-October-2011 – – You have tried shakes and bars and pills and teas (and they don't taste that good)… but you fell off the wagon because the can of magic potion just won’t answer your questions or help you get unstuck and cheer you along when you hit a wall.
You even lost the weight with some crazy restrictive diet, but gained it all back and then some because when you got back into the “real world”, you didn’t have the support to help you build healthy habit that would keep the weight off for good.
You want to jump start your effort with a supplement, but what to make sense of the thousands of weight loss products out there? Are they of good quality? Are their efficacies proven? Are they safe? Who developed them? Anyone you can trust endorses them?

Thoughts For Foods is proud to make available to our clients Zrii Achieve weight management supplement – safe and wholesome based on Ayurvedic tradition, endorsed by the #1 most trusted doctor in America and proven to show results within 30 days of usage (with a sensible diet).

To make sure that our clients get the optimal outcome, participants will be getting support – for FREE – every step of the way while they are using the supplement until they reach their goals.

When clients purchase Zrii Achieve weight management supplement from Thoughts For Foods (at wholesale price!), they will be automatically enrolled in the bLite weight management support group at NO COST – for as long as they are using the product to support their effort.

Zrii Achieve is:
-100% natural - no preservatives, fillers or addictives
-Synergistic blend of 6 Ayurvedic herbs that promote fat metabolism, reduce cravings, and increase energy
-Safe and Effective
-Endorsed by Chopra Center for Wellbeing
-Only 100 calories per serving (but very satisfying!), with 18 grams protein and 20+ bio-available vitamins and minerals

As a member of the bLite weight management support group, participatns will get:
-Monthly group coaching call with useful information, action steps, and Q&A ($50 value)
-Access to member-only Facebook group where you get tips, support to help you get unstuck and peeps to cheer you along ($30 value)
-Email support if you have questions between monthly calls ($50 value)

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Ling Wong, Certified Holistic Health Coach, leads this program. She provides Holistic Nutrition and Wellness coaching to empower transformation in conscious and focused women determined to live more and stress less to achieve weight loss, have more energy, regain their confidence, attain emotional wellbeing and mental clarity using her gradual yet effective "Eat Your Way to Transformation" signature system. She provides private and small group coaching, as well as classes and lectures, both in person or virtually over the phone or Internet. Please contact her for more information.