Spa Lovers Hear the Music as Musicians Lend Sound Support to The Buzz Bus Tour

Al Conti, Jeff Oster and Heidi Anne Breyer bring music to final leg of national health and wellness tour;
The Buzz Bus is moving across the country teaching the public how to live healthy and well.

Online PR News – 05-October-2011 – – As The Buzz Bus embarks on its eighth and final leg of their national health and wellness tour, it seems apropos that the tour wind down with the soothing sounds of Jeff Oster, Al Conti and Heidi Anne Breyer, three music artists with recent and award-winning albums in the ambient/new age genres. Coined “The Most Relaxing Music of 2011,” the albums include Oster’s Surrender, Conti’s Northern Seas and Breyer’s Another Place and Time. The artists are planning to appear for various meet-and-greets or performances on tour stops in the Northeast between now and the end of October 2011; they’ll also provide the tour with music and merchandise to gift to tour visitors along the way.

The Buzz Bus Wellness Lifestyle Tour, consisting of an Airstream and four dedicated women, is focused on bringing all facets of heath and wellness to the public. Stopping in cities both big and small, the Buzz Bus Tour ventures to schools, farmer’s markets, wellness centers, festivals, parks and more, teaching the public how to eat well, exercise, and take care of their bodies. This eight-month journey chronicles not only how the women stay healthy on the road, but also how they spread the message of wellness to everyone they encounter. By the completion of the tour, the Buzz Bus will have left its mark on approximately 28 states, 50 cities, and millions of people.

Spa Buzz founder Kristi Konieczny explains “We want people to understand there are a variety of ways to lead a more active and healthy life. We’re so excited to be visiting so many unique and innovative places that are working really hard to provide their communities with opportunities to lead more active and happy lives!”

Music is a natural companion to health and wellness. While each of the featured albums is relaxing in its own way, they vary greatly in sound and style, from Conti’s rich world fusion to Oster’s downtempo groove to Breyer’s minimalistic piano compositions. By being exposed to this range, visitors to the bus will expand their understanding of the power of music to enhance their lives and wellbeing.

In Northern Seas, which Amazon chose as one of the Top Ten New Age albums of 2011, the myths of the Norse come to life in eleven instrumental pieces that draw on ancient Norse mythology while weaving in modern sensibilities. As with his previous award-winning album, Scheherazade, Conti has taken well-known tales, this time from the mystical lands of the north that originated during Scandinavia’s Viking Age, and woven music around themes and images.

It is common for massage therapists to connect with favorite new age, ambient and instrumental artists; their need to create a calming atmosphere is a natural fit with the highly-relaxing nature (and intention) of this music. According to Conti, a new fan recently shared an insight with him, writing, “I was giving a massage this afternoon and one of your songs came really touched me! You are obviously very talented and that song was perfect to set the mood for massage.”

Oster’s fourth recording, Surrender, is steeped in downtempo, instrumental grooves seasoned with his one-of-a-kind sensuous trumpet and flugelhorn. Adding her grace to Surrender is New Age legend Diane Arkenstone, a US-based musician that has topped the New Age charts since 2000. Her voice is alternately airy and resonant throughout the album, weaving a beautiful tapestry of sound. While Jeff chants “Om Mani Padme Hum,” Diane’s vocals echo the Indian charm of Sheila Chandra in a piece that is destined to become a yoga classic. This is chillout music for brilliant sunsets, as Jeff utilizes his background as a classically-trained jazz artist, combined with ambient electronica and synthesizer embellishments, to create an aural atmosphere quite unlike any other musical experience. U.K.-based DJ Chris Coco created an unforgettable remix in “Você Quer Dançar” which is he designed for his spectacular sundown playlists in Ibiza clubs.

Breyer’s Another Place and Time is used not only in many spas, massage and acupuncture practices in NJ, but also in over 600 hospitals throughout the country on hospital TV and Radio programming to promote relaxation during recovery. Grammy® Award-winning producer, musician, and Windham Hill Records founder, William Ackerman, lent his talents to this production. Released by her own Winterhall Records in 2010, Another Place and Time hearkens back to a time of classical simplicity and a sweetness seldom heard in contemporary music. Zone Music Reporter (ZMR) voted Heidi as the Best New Artist for 2010, while her album garnered Best Instrumental Album: Piano.

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About The Buzz Bus
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SPA BUZZ BUS - Tour Eight Schedule w/Music Artists Al Conti, Jeff Oster, Heidi Anne Breyer
Oct 2, 3: Kansas City, OK/KS - Fusion Fitness & Wellness Event
Oct 5, 6 : Indianapolis, IN - National Institute for Fitness & Sport
Oct 7 : Columbus, OH - Columbus Food Adventures
Oct 9: Niagara Falls
Oct 10, 11: Ithaca, NY - Rasa Spa
Oct 13: Woodstock, VT - Woodstock Inn
Oct 15: Portland, ME
Oct 17, 18, 19 : Lenox, MA -Yoga in the Park
Oct 20 : New Paltz, NY - Mohonk
Oct 21-24: Philadelphia, PA - International Congress of Esthetics and Spa Show; Spa Buzz VIP Lounge (9/23, 9/24)
Oct 25-31: New York City
Spa Buzz Event on 25th; also, various stops at Unata Yoga, Taim Mobile, Organic Avenue, Well and Good NYC, Spa Finder, Central Park event…see website for exact dates and times closer to Oct. 25.

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