Alchemical Hindu tantra, Matrikabheda now in an eBook

Sacred Kaula tantra text translated and published in English

Online PR News – 06-October-2011 – – Taipei, Taiwan, 5 October, 2011 – MetaPlume’s latest eBook on a specialist subject, “The Matrikabheda Tantra” is now available as an eBook on the Amazon Kindle store. The Sanskrit edition of the Matrikabheda tantra was published by the University of Calcutta in 1930. Mike Magee has translated the tantra and published it in English for the first time, using MetaPlume’s distribution services.

Mike Magee has spent several decades exploring ancient Hindu sacred texts.This latest book makes available an English translation of alchemical Hindu tantra, Matrikabheda.

“This tantra has evidently some connection with the Rasesvaras, or Natha Siddhas. Aside from the frequent alchemical references, and the salutation of Siva as Natha, the work itself has a distinctly Saivite slant, indicated by the frequent references to worshipping Siva, the use of rudraksa berries, the pre-eminence of ash and other symbolism.”

The tantra also explains the methods of meditation on the goddess as Kundalini at the root of the spine, alludes to sexual techniques of the Kaulas, to the pre-eminence of the guru, to Chandi, and outlines the importance of building temples, establishing tanks and the unity of the different forms of Shakti.

“To sum up, this is a tantra of some great importance to tantrik history. Whilst some of it may be obscure, it should be realised that the tradition from which it springs still has adherents. I have tried to elucidate difficult points in the notes. It is hoped that its publication will stimulate further research into the history of the Kaula and Natha cults.”

The eBook can be downloaded from Amazon for USD 14.99*. The book is also available on other leading eBook publishing websites such as Smashwords and

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