Frameless Shower Doors Houston Service By Precision Glass

Frameless shower doors Houston services provided by Precision Glass and Mirror Co, will improve, and enhance your home or business for decades to come.

Online PR News – 04-October-2011 – – Bobby Garcia announced today that they have expanded their offerings in the frameless shower doors Houston service industry for residential and commercial clients. Homeowners building new custom homes, or wanting to rehabilitate their old master bathrooms to greatly improve the decorative value will also retain most of their investment in these custom shower doors, and enclosures when it is time to sell their homes. The popularity of these doors comes mainly from television shows that publicize home improvements as the ones aired regularly HGTV, and DIY network. Before being shown on television, usually only the ultra wealthy that had an interior designer under their employ would have knowledge about these medium to high-end options.

Even health spas and fitness centers are starting to use fogged versions of the frameless shower doors to keep an updated look to their businesses. They also like the fact that this type of fixture is virtually maintenance free, and very easy to keep clean throughout the day. These frameless shower enclosures also make it impossible for mold or mildew to form since there are not any crevices from anodized aluminum or steel framing. Precision Glass and Mirror Co can provide a varying selection of widths, tinting, and laser etching to create one off masterpieces that on their client will have. By putting branding on the glass doors, it will lend a more professional atmosphere, and keep the company’s name in front of their clients just a little bit longer.

The cost of custom shower doors may be a little above the curve when it comes to the average home improvement budget, but they actually save money over a ten to twenty year period as they do not have to be replaced unless they are physically damaged in some way. Acrylic shower doors come apart and yellow over time and the mechanical channels that they roll back and forth in is a breeding ground for all kinds of microbial sized insects, and of course mold and mildew. Overall there are many positives that outnumber the cost differences, and anyone who has upgraded their bathroom in manner will never go back to the old standard bathroom configurations that you would normally see in spec built homes.

Call Precision Glass and Mirror Co if you live in the Houston or surrounding area for a quote on your next project that requires frameless glass doors, or complete glass shower enclosures. They also provide glass Houston services in many situations such as window repair, lead glass repair, custom mirrors up to full wall size that are used in Karate studios, and personal gyms. 24 hour emergency window repair and board-up services is also available for home and commercial scenarios.

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