QLess Celebrates Two Million Virtual Queue Management System Users

In August 2011, QLess – a California-based virtual queue management system company – announced that it had doubled its worldwide users to two million consumers in only six months.

Online PR News – 05-October-2011 – – QLess, an innovative cell phone queue system company, reported its two millionth user on Wednesday, August 31, 2011. The announcement demonstrates a significant leap for the four-year-old company, who reached its one millionth mark just six months earlier.

Currently used by over 30 vendors worldwide, the QLess virtual queue management system replaces physical lines and waiting rooms with virtual lines generated through mobile devices. The two millionth user waited in a virtual queue at a Vodafone retail location in Algeciras, Spain. Vodafone storefronts throughout Europe have been using QLess since 2010, when lengthy wait times began to dissuade potential customers and take a toll on corporate revenue.

In the 1-year Vodafone has partnered with the QLess cell phone queue system, many locations have seen:

• 12% Reduction in “no shows” when the wait exceeded 30 minutes
• 7% Reduction in “no shows” overall
• 22% Reduction in actual wait times
• 100% Retention of potential in-store customers prior to being served

Only six months earlier in February, QLess’s one millionth user entered a virtual cell phone queue system line at the University of Texas in Dallas and waited for 22 minutes before being served by the campus Enrollment Office.

Business owners and managers can find virtual queue management system advantages across multiple sectors at: www.qless.com.

The California-based cell phone queue system company has eliminated dozens of crowded waiting rooms and long lines at retail stores, DMVs, restaurants, casinos, colleges, and more. QLess Founder and CEO, Alex Backer, estimates that his software has saved consumers an overall total of 43 years in wait time since 2007.

For more information on how the QLess system works, visit www.qless.com, or call 1-800-405-4637.