Rejuvenate the Mind and Body with Meditation Guided by Dr. Puff

Dr. Robert Puff, a respected psychologist and mental health expert from Newport Beach, California, now helps people to overcome stress by meditating.

Online PR News – 05-October-2011 – – Newport Beach, CA 04 Oct 2011: Stressed out individuals can now rid themselves of worry and find solace through practicing meditation under the guidance of Dr. Robert Puff, a respected psychologist and mental health expert. Drawing upon 20 years of experience, Dr. Puff now educates people about meditation, the different meditation techniques used across the globe, practicing meditation, and the ways in which meditation can relax the mind and body. With his tutelage, you will learn to put aside the negative thoughts that cause stress.

Speaking about teaching meditation, Dr. Puff remarked, “Scientific research confirms that people who practice meditation are more productive, draw greater enjoyment from their work, and get along better with their colleagues. Teaching meditation is just like teaching a baby to walk. People have to be taught to take the first step, practice it, and then take another. They have to be tutored to comprehend things in the proper perspective and to overcome challenges using the right approach.”

Enabling people to gain clarity regarding their thoughts and desires, meditation liberates the mind from negativity and increases self-awareness. The meditation techniques provided by Dr. Puff impact the health of the practitioner in beneficial ways. Unraveling the phases of meditation, he coaches individuals to focus upon the positive aspects of life. Dr. Puff also teaches brief meditation practices that can be performed when one is short on time.

Emphasizing the need for meditation for stress management, Dr. Puff added, “Meditation affects us in the exact opposite manner that stress does. If prolonged stress devastates the body, meditation restores the body to a calm state and helps the body to redeem itself. However, to gain the full benefits of meditation, you need to practice stress management meditation under the watchful guidance of an expert.”

Learn to keep your cool in adverse situations, deal with negativity, and improve mental and physical health under the guidance of a guru Meditation is the correct approach to help you overcome stress and to truly become the master of your own mind.

About Dr. Robert Puff:
Dr. Robert Puff is a clinical psychologist, meditation specialist, author, international speaker, and mental health expert. He has been successfully helping individuals, families, organizations, and businesses for more than 20 years with his stress management program. He utilizes a holistic approach to life and therapy, enabling him to successfully help individuals to manage and reduce stress.

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