DesiDieter celebrates the festivals by giving free weight loss package

DesiDieter has started a unique contest in which user has to fill a 1-min online questionnaire about his weight loss experience, the routine followed, dietary changes and self motivating path. DesiDieter dietitians and fitness experts will select the winner and will gift him Silver weight loss package.

Online PR News – 05-October-2011 – – DesiDieter is celebrating the October Hindu festivities, Navratra, Deepawali and Dussehra with grandeur. This is season of giving gifts to loved ones according to Desi culture and hence the site team keeps up the spirit. They are offering FREE Silver Packages ( to its members.

All one needs to do is share their weight loss journey and fat shedding secrets with us. The diet experts will chose from the lot the best response and offer DesiDieter Weight Loss Package ( for no cost.

What is the DesiDieter Silver Weight Loss Package?

The Silver weight loss package is the basic 12 month weight loss program that includes unique feature:
• Online Diet Plans
• Online Fitness Plans
• Interactive Fitness Assessment
• Health Age: Interactive Lifestyle and Longevity Assessment
• PHR: Personal Health Record

The Criterion

To win the package, one is expected to fill up a 1-min online questionnaire. The experts judge the deserving candidate by evaluating the responses. The amount of weight lost in a specific time period, the routine followed, dietary changes and self motivating path; these are the criterion judged by DesiDieter diet experts.

About DesiDieter (

DesiDieter is a one of its kind website that encourages and supports the South Asian community to take a step towards Good Health and a Good Life. It is a one stop shop for all your health, nutrition and fitness related information. DesiDieter offers online weight loss programs, diet plans, fitness programs, yoga, home remedies, healthy diets and much more!

As a DesiDieter premium member, one gets advantage of exclusive live access to Dietitians and Fitness Experts through Email, Chat and Phone. It is the only site with a comprehensive Indian recipes list along with associated nutritional labels which are a must to understand the calories that we eat. There are a number of home remedies on the site, which have been researched and proven over years of use by various elders in our communities. Diet tools and various widgets like BMI Calculator to the Body Fat Calculator etc is unique feature of this product.

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