VPN4ALL launches Point To Point VPN option

VPN4ALL launches Point To Point VPN option

Online PR News – 05-October-2011 – – VPN4ALL launches Point To Point VPN option

VPN4ALL launches Point To Point VPN option for those customers with highly restrictive government or corporate firewalls. This VPN4ALL option is unique and is not available from any other vpn service. Expats living in countries such as China, The Emirates, Syria, Iran or behind any extremely constrained Internet environment now experience a difficult if not impossible time accessing Gmail, CNN, Facebook, Netflix and other sites restricted by firewalls in place in their host countries. VPN4ALL finally provides a VPN service that eliminates this restriction and permits expats and local nationals, internet access to all sites worldwide no matter the severity of government or corporate restrictions.

VPN4ALL is a premium VPN internet service with a large network of servers in over 30 countries. VPN4ALL provides both PC and MAC VPN service via an intuitive easy-to-use software interface with powerful options to meet the VPN needs of all our customers, from novices to professionals. VPN4ALL’s VPN application permits subscribers to switch servers as often as they wish without extra cost, choose UDP or TCP VPN servers and obtain high speed VPN connectivity on Gigabyte servers worldwide.

VPN4ALL also provides a mobile Encrypted Internet solution for the iPhone, Android, Windows and Symbian platforms as well as all Tablets. Go Mobile with VPN4ALL and use VPN on your smartphone or tablet to stop hackers from stealing your credit card or banking online credentials.

VPN4ALL is the trusted name in VPN services with an extremely strong privacy policy that does not log or cache client’s data unlike most USA and European VPN services.

Visit VPN4ALL at: http://www.vpn4all.com