Vango tents – new tent accessories available for 2010

Vango have been famed over the last decade for producing some of the finest family tents on the outdoor equipment marketplace. Over recent years, there has been a large range of accessories being added to the Vango ranges that will allow the customer to accessorise and enhance their family tent. has a large range of accessories for 2010 which are purposefully designed to match each range of Vango tents. This article will discuss the impacts on the comfort of the Vango accessories and their benefits to the modern day camper.

Online PR News – 12-January-2010 – – The Vango tents collection has seen a vast overhaul over the last two to three years, with some of the larger family tents in the range such as the Vango Diablo becoming extinct and making way for new models of family tent. It appears that the traditionally heavy and larger family tents are becoming predominantly weaker in terms of sales, mainly due to their size, bulk and the effort involved in pitching and taking them down. Far more campers are turning to alternative tents such as the weekender tents which offer accommodation for up to 6 to 8 people. Thus leading to Vango turning to the weekender market for sales growth, last year they introduced the highly popular range of Icarus tents.

The 2010 season sees a lot more continuity within the range with many of the tents remaining in the 2010 collection but undergoing minor facelifts and improvements. However one of the newer tents to enter the collection is the Vango Artemis tent. This is a similar tent to the Icarus but features powerplus steel poles which are far stronger in the more adverse weather conditions.

One of the reasons that Vango tents have become so much more popular in the family market is because of the range of tent accessories which are designed to match and enhance the quality of the tents and the camping experience. Tents can now be expanded using canopies or made more comfortable using carpets whilst the footprint groundsheets available for each model will ensure the tent is protected from adverse weather conditions or rockier terrains.

Vango Tent Canopies

Possibly the one section of camping accessories that Vango has spent the most time improving for the 2010 camping season. Originally, Vango used to design a universal canopy for their tents which would fit onto most of the tents in the family tent range. However, now for 2010, each range of tents in the weekend and family range has its own personal canopy which will fit directly onto the tent. Such examples are:

Vango Artemis 400/500/600 all have matching sun canopies which will fit onto these models of tent only.

Vango Icarus 500/600 – again both of these popular models has their own corresponding canopies which will enhance the comfort and style of the tents. Additionally, the Icarus 500 canopy will still fit onto the 2009 model of which thousands campers purchased last year.

The adventure tents even have their own ranges of windbreaks and tarps to enhance the quality and comfort of the overall camping experience when purchasing Vango camping equipment.

Benefits of Vango canopies are:
- Increased living space
- Increased storage and added comfort
- An ideal place to cook as cooking inside the tent can be dangerous and is not recommended by any experience professional or camper.

Vango Tent Carpets

Tent carpets remain mainly the same for 2010 although they will now come presented in a box which makes them far easier to transport and store. The carpet is an ideal accessory for those camping in the colder climates or camping in the earlier parts of the season where the weather may not be as nice as July and August.

Vango Tent Footprints

Vango footprint groundsheets are now available for many of the Vango tents, from mountain tents to family tents, there will be a footprint model for the tent measurement and design. The benefits of a groundsheet are that it protects the underbelly of the camping tent, especially important if the tent has a sewn in groundsheet as it prevents the sewn in groundsheet from becoming damaged. Additionally, the tent footprints available for 2010 will provide an extra layer of protection for the tent ensuring that the occupants of the tents remain dry and warmer.

The new range of Vango camping equipment accessories available for 2010 from are coming into stock daily and all serve to enhance the quality of any camping trip, expedition or weekend away.

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