New Book On Promoting Fertility Includes The Best Of Both Worlds

A new book on promoting fertility has been released which combines the best of the East and West.

Online PR News – 12-January-2010 – – New York, NY-There is a new book out that discusses fertility named “Making Babies: A Proven 3-Month Program for Maximum Fertility ”. It provides unique guidelines on how to get pregnant naturally and it combines the best of both Chinese and Western methods. Of the many methods, acupuncture infertility is one of them.

If you ask any reproductive endocrinologist what he thinks about the practice of acupuncture and he will likely tell you that if it’s fine with him if it relaxes you. Roughly translated that means that the official opinion of the fertility folks in traditional fertility medicine is nothing more than benign ignorance. However there is proof that modern and traditional methods do in fact work and work better together. The book is titled “Making Babies” and it is very good news for babies as well as their mothers and fathers. The author specializes in the treatment of infertility and has an acupuncture New York practice.

For any woman who wants to become pregnant, “Making Babies” is a must read. It provides a holistic and unique way of looking at conception which encompasses lifestyle modifications, proven alternatives, and traditional Eastern and Western medicine. It offers couples in general, and women in particular, solid medical advice and information which will help them increase their odds of conception, often in the most cost effective, least invasive, and quickest manner.

"Making Babies is filled with invaluable insight and guidance from two brilliant and seasoned clinicians. The book provides information on how you can speed up the arrival of your child without depleting your bank account or your ovarian reserve.

“Making Babies” provides the best of the yin-yang method of the east with the best of western medicine. The end result is vibrant health and restored fertility. The primary message is to improve your health which improves your chances of fertility.

Through this book a dynamic medical team provides easy to understand viewpoints from the practical advances in Western reproductive technology to the ancient system of Chinese medicine.

“Making Babies” provides a three month program which is proven to help any woman who is trying to get pregnant. Today, fertility medicine today is all about technological, chemical, and aggressive surgical intervention, but there is a better way. The book covers everything from making the correct lifestyle choices that enhance fertility to recognizing the causes of fertility to trying such strategies such as getting acupuncture, reducing the amount of fertility drugs they are taking, and taking cough medicine. “Making Babies” is a must read for every woman trying to conceive, whether through medical intervention or naturally. This book threatens to revolutionize the fertility field, one baby at a time.

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