QuorumLabs is launching into the Australian Market Space with Partner IT Consult.

Fremont California based Quorumlabs has partnered with Sydney based firm IT Consult to bring the onQ disaster recovery solution to the Australian marketplace. After winning awards, demonstrating solid growth across the US and recently making a move into the UK Australia will now be able to access the onQ solution.

Online PR News – 05-October-2011 – – US based IT company QuorumLabs ( www.quorumlabs.com ) has brought a new award winning disaster recovery solution to the Australian market through distribution and sales agent IT Consult. QuorumLabs was spun out of Themis Computer in 2008 to pursue commercial applications leveraging Themis' powerful Distributed Computing Resource Management (DCRM) IT automation platform.

The QuorumLabs solution named QuorumLabs® onQ™ is end-to-end and consolidates all aspects of a business DR into one appliance and has been stated as being “engineered from the ground up to provide enterprise level business continuity without the complexity or cost of traditional solutions.”

The appliance - which is the company claims is the most advanced appliance in the market today and challenges others to find another more complete appliance - has made significant inroads into the US market surpassing the 1000 protected servers goal and now the company has moved abroad.

After establishing the company as a genuine player in the US market and the first units being sold into the UK, QuorumLabs and IT Consult are bring the appliance to Australia businesses with early success as the appliance is being adopted by a range of businesses across varying industry verticals from health insurance to retail with the likes of Petbarn and HIF Australia among others.

IT Consult ( www.itconsult.com.au/reseller ) is building a sales base as well as looking to bring on supported VARs to be part of the solution; taking on IT businesses dealing with some of Australia’s leading SMEs across all states and territories.

With people like" James Gentile; CIO of the Arizona Medical Board saying "We love the ease and simple elegance of onQ™." or

“A turnkey solution for disaster recovery that doesn’t require IT to operate. Simply click a button and watch it run.” Casey Lee, Chief Technology Officer of First National Bank, Hays, Kansas. And

“Tapes are not as reliable, and you don’t know how good your backup is until you need it. With onQ, before you have time to think about it, it [your data] is restored – it’s brilliant. Plus the service is excellent! Moving away from tape restore is a big plus for us.” Sue Hulbert, I.T. Manager, Weddel Swift UK

The simple yet advanced design appears to be well received in the marketplace, for those either unable to replicate due to cost or space requirements, those that need or choose to control their own data ruling out cloud based DR and those looking to move beyond what some would call out-dated solutions like tape and disc.

The appliance has been established in the US and has recently made its first sales into the UK now its Australia’s turn.