The Research Writing Center Team Announces Major Upgrade

RWC, the leading online freelance writing business, is now set to launch a substantial overhaul of all of our writer-related services.

Online PR News – 05-October-2011 – – Research Writing Center, the Internet’s number one freelance writing business, is poised to implement a major overhaul of its current writer related services and procedures.
All of us at the Research Writing Center team are excited to announce that we are prepared to launch a significant overhaul of our existing services. Writers and staff were informed about the service upgrade via a blog post last week. The service overhaul will affect all the current members of the Research Writing Center teams, including the writers and all of our staff. The purpose of the service overhaul is to streamline some of the core procedures between Research Writing Center writers and staff, including the assigning of orders, the handling of assigned orders, and requests from the writers to remove fines for lateness, late order drops or inattention to details of the order. The main goal of the service overhaul is to help our writers feel more connected and part of a team.

Research Writing Center users can expect a more personal approach to some of these most pressing issues that make up the bulk of communication between the Research Writing Center writers and the staff. All of these streamlining efforts are designed to shorten response time, enhance the quality of the relationships between Research Writing Center writers and the Research Writing Center staff, and to further our ultimate goal of making Research Writing center the best freelance writing community on the Internet. Our principle purpose in undertaking the service upgrade is to allow our talented team of writers to feel more united and organized. At Research Writing Center, we understand that there are skilled writers all around the world, and they have multiple options online to use their skills to generate additional income. We trust the efforts we have put into this new system upgrade will assure our writers of their value, and address some of the problems in the past surrounding orders, fines and payment. Research Writing Center is in the business of matching skilled professional writers with motivated customers; we are here to create and sustain a secure and consistent form of income for talented writers from all across the globe, and we know that our efforts will pay off.

About is a global freelance writing community where satisfied customers and skilled writers meet. Having been in the online freelance writing business for quite a few years now, Research Writing Center is here to provide stable and reliable job for writers all across the globe. In what was started as a partnership, RWC has grown to become a freelance network comprising hundreds of skilled writers and a dedicated support team. At Research Writing Center, we firmly believe that quality work is not a matter of geographic location, native language, gender, or ethnic background. Quality freelance writing work is a matter of attitude and professionalism.