Maths revision quick and easy with Top Grade Tutoring DVDs

Top Grade Tutoring has come up with an innovative way of maths revision. Take a closer look at the maths revision DVD content and what makes it different from other revision aid.

Online PR News – 03-October-2011 – – Looking for ways to get a quick maths revision before the exams? Top Grade Tutoring’s maths revision DVD pack is your wish-come-true. GCSE Maths Master Revision kit has a new approach of making revisions fun and quick. With Top Grade Tutoring DVDs, maths revision will never be dull and boring ever again. This revision kit has all the content you need for the last minute revision wrapped in engaging special effects.

The Maths revision DVD pack has the syllabus divided into two levels - higher level and foundation level. To concretize your maths basics, you can choose to start with foundation level DVD. It has the basic maths modules explained fluidly with ample of worked-out examples to support understanding. Each module is kept short and objective. Students can simply skim through and work out problems of modules for which they need extra practice. Once you gain more confidence and are ready to shift to a higher gear, you can use the higher level DVD.

The Maths revision DVD content is as per the latest GCSE maths syllabus. It is designed and published by Steven Britton who is a senior tutor at private maths tuition bureau. The Maths revision DVDs are an excerpt of his extensive experience in teaching maths. Tough modules such as Trigonometry, Probability, Quadratic equations and many others are explained along with tips and tricks that help students to solve practical problems with accuracy.

Do you often forget maths formulae in the exams? In Top Grade Tutoring DVDs you will find new ways of learning maths formulae. The engaging CGI effects create an impression on your mind and help you retain what you have learned for a longer time. You can learn the skills to calculate accurately without using a calculator with GCSE Maths Non Calculator Skills DVD. This DVD is mainly for non calculator papers at GCSE and SAT level as well.

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