Local Michigan business owners giving away business to overcome financial challenges for the buyer and end the waiting game as the seller. Unheard of propositon through the purchase of Express Key allows customer to use it for services or a tax deduction and be in drawing.

Online PR News – 03-October-2011 – – Michigan Car Wash and Ice Cream owners are giving away their business.

During these difficult economic times, financing is hard to come by and risks associated with starting a new business are very high. Purchasing an existing business is difficult as buyer financing is scarce. The owners of “Vanity Car Wash and Ice Cream” have come up with a unique proposition to overcome these difficulties.
Victoria Burke, Owner/Partner of the Vanity Car Wash & Ice Cream says that “Giving away this already established and profitable business is a win-win. The new owners will not have all of the hard work starting up a new business, or a mortgage, and we will indirectly receive our desired selling price.” The beauty of this opportunity is no one will lose a penny to enter to win due to the already existing Express Key system at this business.
How it works: The customer purchases an Express Key set for $100 (plus $5 processing fee). They can use their Express Keys to wash their vehicle or they can donate it to one of three participating non-profit organizations and receive a tax deduction for the $100.00 purchase price.

Whether or not the purchaser keeps the keys for themselves, gives them away as a gift, or donates them to a local non-profit, the bonus is that the purchaser is entered into a drawing to win two businesses (car wash and seasonal ice cream store), and the real estate they’re sitting on, free and clear with no mortgage. Only 6,000 Express Keys will be sold, and 2,000 are already gone.Once all 6,000 key sets are sold, the drawing will take place.

The Vanity Car Wash, Inc was built in 1994, primarily as a self-serve car wash with an attached take-out ice cream business. A touch-less automatic wash was later added for customer convenience. The diversity of each business renders the property site busy during all seasons.
All of the details of the giveaway(rules,regulations,etc.)are listed on the website


If you would like more information about this business give-away, or to schedule an interview with Victoria Burke, please call 517-206-8816 or email Victoria at