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10/02/2011 is an online entertainment magazine established by a group of exAOL (America Online) employees with an objective to provide latest news, gossips, event coverage and photo galleries from the Indian and Hollywood film industries to the south Asian Audience across the world. Movies still remains as a major medium of entertainment world over irrespective of the entry of other entertainment sources in the last few decades and people are irrespective of their interest comes to common grounds when it comes to movies. Movie Recycle aims to capitalise on the hunger for movie relevant news and gossips and aim to move up the ranks with focus on contents and targeted advertisement campaigns.

We have been active in terms of a live site since Mid May 2011 and within 3 months we have covered a long distance in terms of attracting users and moving up in internet ranking.

Online PR News – 02-October-2011 – – The Indian contemporary cinema industry is considered as one of the most versatile and vast movie industries in the world. This has happened so with huge love and affection from the billions of population from this movie crazy country. Movies have become a part of Indian life with a deeper impact into the lifestyles. Everyday a person wakes up with some new reviews of Bollywood and ends his day with a song from Tollywood. The movies have gone so deep into the mindset of the people that without hearing a line from Bollywood people find their day somehow incomplete.

People in India are just crazy about movies. Be it is an action packed thriller from Hollywood or a sensual love story from Bollywood or even be it a tingling dance and action pack from the South Cinema of Tollywood, everything spices up the topic of gossip around corner. People take their own time to spend at the tea-stalls to discuss about the upcoming movies or about the fresh one just released. Editorials from movie reporters are hotcake items in TV & music channels. People find a means to spice up their daily life with such movie reviews.

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