Dr. Jay Calvert Employs New Procedures to Eliminate Windblown-Looking Facelifts

Dr. Calvert, a Los Angeles-based plastic surgeon, uses sub-periosteal elevation of the upper face to create a more natural-looking facelift. This new technique prevents making the face look pulled back or windblown.

Online PR News – 12-January-2010 – – The sub-periosteal facelift is a technique that Dr. Calvert uses to create a more youthful look for his patients. In this procedure, the direction of the lift is vertical, moving toward the upper face instead of the usual approach of lifting back toward the ears, thus eliminating windblown-looking facelifts. This technique is not only valuable in lifting the cheek, but the jowl as well, giving fullness to the cheeks and enabling the corners of the mouth to turn upward and give the jaw line a clean silhouette.

Traditional facelift procedures pull back on the skin of the face without taking facial animation into consideration. It does not undermine muscles and therefore results to a tight and pulled-back face, which appears dated and unattractive. Dr. Calvert’s new techniques and equipment allows for a more rejuvenated and natural look for his patients.

“I looked at all of Dr. Calvert’s credentials and all the people he’s done, I was very impressed,” said Donna, one of Dr. Calvert’s patients for the facelift procedure. “He seems to produce a product that looks refreshed, rather than so pulled,” she continued. Dr. Calvert is now leading the group of cosmetic surgeons who utilizes the sub-periosteal facelift to restore youthful fullness to the aging face. This is a significant improvement to what some doctors refer to as the windswept or windblown facelift that used to be popular a few decades ago.

“My goal is to create a brighter, natural look so my patients appear as a younger version of themselves,” stated Dr. Calvert when asked why he prefers the sub-periosteal technique to other procedures. He agrees with leading fashion designer Isaac Mizrahi when he said, “There is nothing that will age a person more than a bad facelift,” this is what motivates Dr. Calvert to keep developing his skills and using new methods that will prevent windblown, pulled and stretched looks.

Dr. Jay Calvert MD, FACS, is a Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. After earning his medical degree at The Cornell University Medical College in New York City, Dr. Calvert completed his Tissue Engineering and Plastic Surgery training at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. He now practices in his two offices at Beverly Hills and Orange County and performs all types of plastic surgery with specialization in aesthetic surgery. Hew sees new patients on Wednesdays in Beverly Hills and Fridays in Newport Beach.