Children’s Book Released for Charity by Nurturing Our Warriors

Michelle Cummings, Co founder of the non-profit Nurturing Our Warriors for the empowerment of children, launches new children's book for orphans and children around the world.

Online PR News – 03-October-2011 – – Nurturing Our Warriors is launching their first children’s book written by co-founder Michelle Cummings, the book is titled Allen’s Dancing Backpack and will be the first in a series of books written to inspire and honor the children, those who care for them and the spirit in each of us. Purchases of the book are tax deductible and all profits will go to Nurturing Our Warriors to continue supporting children through the organizations empowerment program.

Nurturing Our Warriors (NOW) is based in Los Angeles, and was founded by Michelle Cummings and Nicholas Pratley. The non-profit is dedicated to making a difference in the lives of children around the world by helping them connect to their spirits. They inspire children to trust in themselves and their creativity, through art, music, meditation, breathwork and yoga.

The NOW Empowerments include meditation, breathwork, yoga, chi-gung, nutrition and organic cooking, art therapies, martial arts, dance, singing and more. The program creates total freedom for the children, giving them tools that access their heart in a fun yet powerful way. They are providing a platform where each individual child can find the modality that speaks to them most. It is here they connect within and begin to create a new construct of who they are and discover their possibilities in the world. The world they will impact like nobody else can.

NOW will take 6 American volunteers to Hosur, India this November to work with close to 100 underprivileged, homeless and orphaned children. The American volunteers will teach the children, participate in classes, and join local teachers in a week of connection and empowerments. The volunteers will also experience the sights of India as they travel from Hosur to a tribal community in Javadi Hills, 2.5 hours east of Bangalore, and there they will continue the empowerments with another 200 children.

A focus of NOW is to be a full circle support for each community they visit. From building homes and wells, teaching skills that will support a community’s independence, to providing education and school supplies. They will also focus on building and creating NOW HOUSES which will provide a platform for children to be loved and supported in a home they deserve. In this full circle process the foundation will be the NOW Empowerments and the homes will provide the children with the support of a devoted family.

For more information on Nurturing Our Warriors, Allen’s Dancing Backpack, volunteering, or to make a donation, please visit the Nurturing Our Warriors website.