While joining a mastermind group might be new to the salon industry, it has been around for as long
as successful people have wanted to grow personally and professionally.

Online PR News – 03-October-2011 – – What Is A Mastermind?

While joining a mastermind group might be new to the salon industry, it has been around for as long
as successful people have wanted to grow personally and professionally.

The legendary Napoleon Hill, who wrote, Think And Grow Rich, defined a mastermind as, “ Coordination
of knowledge and effort, in a spirit of harmony, between two or more people, for the attainment
of a definite purpose.”

The benefits of successfully masterminding are renowned. From the likes of steel magnate, Andrew
Carnegie, W. Clement Stone, Charles M. Schwab and William Jennings Bryant, bringing likeminded
success-oriented people together has produced astounding results to those who apply the

Essentially, a mastermind allows you to diligently discuss with other Beauty Industry Professionals
what you most desire to achieve with your business and your life. It provides for you a space where
you can break the bonds of negative habits and replace them with successful ones.

Joining a mastermind group is the mark of a conscious leader, one who seeks association with others
who want to expand their awareness of personal and professional achievement, as well as elevate
their business to a whole new level.

Beauty Industry professionals, from new stylists and estheticians to business owners and distributors
have every right to be concerned about their business. In this turbulent economy, there is no
certainty. But that doesn’t mean you stand around wondering, waiting for the other shoe to drop. To
succeed, there is only one declaration you must make:

Out earn the uncertainty!

But to do just that, you need specific tools, strategies and a strong mindset for growth. Do you have
those? Or, are you looking for more ways to build a fortress around your business that insulates you
from a struggling economy?

The truth is that 80% of salons are on life support, 15% are treading water and a measly 5% are
living the life they want.

Which one are you? Which one do you want to be? To get to your destination, you need a plan that
has you taking action every single day in your business.

Small steps that grow big dreams.

Brian Tracy once said that your thoughts are greatly influenced by the five people you associate
with most. Imagine how much more successful you can be when you associate with a group of likeminded
success-driven people through Hair Artist Association, LLC.

How A Mastermind Group Can Skyrocket Your Business

You’re probably wondering how a group of your peers could help turn your business into a profitgenerating

Fair question.

These group members—success hungry salon professionals just like you--want more from their
business and their own life. They want:

• To grow their business fast
• More in-depth training
• To implement practical and proven strategies, not just talk ideas
• To be held accountable for reaching their goals

These are people that expect to be pushed to succeed because they want to become the obvious
choice to their clients—a category of one. And the quickest way to get that is through the direction
and synergy of a mastermind group, led by an HAA Mastermind Leader.

What You Will Learn

Here’s an example of what an HAA mastermind group can teach you:

• The most sophisticated approaches to EXACTLY aligning yourself with your business and
your customers
• How to create your message to target your ideal customer
• How to properly present your offer to make it instantly impossible to refuse
• How to build a customer base of loyal raving fans
• How to leverage your customer base to gain more sales, while reducing outside advertising

costs and generating more profit

• Become the obvious choice to your clients
• Attract more and better customers who respond more quickly
• Building staff relationships that grow your salon business
• How to deal with difficult staff-Using proven strategies to keep staff from running your business
• Implementing marketing systems that put your business on autopilot

That’s the power of aligning yourself with highly motivated, like –minded salon professionals who
are driven to succeed.

If you are one of the 5%, or you want to be one of the 5% who are doing extremely well, and would
like to be considered as a member for an HAA mastermind group, contact us via email at to receive an application for membership.

* Interested in Masterminding with your Salon Team? Ask us about our Salon Group Membership
and Rates.

How many reasons do you really need to finally take bold action and stand up for your right to prosper?