Wellness Center Responds to Deficiencies in Traditional Lyme Disease Treatments

Natural Horizons Wellness Centers Announces a new comprehensive Lyme Disease treatment program that goes beyond the traditional treatment methods usually consisting of anti-bionics which sometimes do as much harm as good.

Online PR News – 30-September-2011 – – Natural Horizons Wellness Centers (NHWC), leaders in the field of Integrated Medicine and Wellness, are proud and excited to announce the arrival of their new, comprehensive treatment program for Lyme Disease (LD). Recognizing the need for an integrative and effective treatment of the disease, they have developed a method that addresses the source of the condition, rather than the symptoms, and that combats the significant side effects of conventional approaches.


The traditional treatment for Lyme Disease has been a long-term regimen of antibiotics. However, this continued use comes with many serious side effects. In addition to killing off the “bad” bacteria in the body, antibiotics also eliminate “good” bacteria that are essential to healthy bodily function. The lack of helpful bacteria results in yeast overgrowth, since the body’s natural yeast colonies are no longer kept in check by the bacteria with which it usually competes. It can also cause digestive problems, since bacteria in the gut assist in breaking down and processing foods. Most importantly, long-term antibiotic treatments are believed to compromise the immune system and even drive the infection deeper into the body, making further treatment much more difficult if even possible.

Instead of relying solely on antibiotics, the Lyme treatment program at NHWC combines a much smaller dose with multiple other therapies designed to offset these negative effects. Antibiotics are delivered in an intravenous vitamin and mineral mixture, and they are complemented by a specific combination of other natural therapies to treat the condition, including antimicrobial therapy, immune enhancement, detoxification (including heavy metals), and lifestyle/diet counseling. By integrating these therapies into the Lyme treatment plan, NHWC is able to provide highly effective results with fewer side effects.

The program will be directed by Laura Asher, MD and Robert Johnson, DMD. For more information on the NHWC Lyme treatment program, or any of the programs at Natural Horizons Wellness Centers, contact the team at 703-246-9355.

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