Save Your Company Money With Safety Training.

Injuries affect your production and insurance premiums. With Safety Training it will reduce both.

Online PR News – 31-May-2009 – – Workplace safety is a huge issue for every company. Companies must focus on safety training to keep their employee’s safe, and their businesses successful. Every employee needs to know the importance of workplace safety. Employees should feel safe and comfortable in their working environment.

In today’s economical slowdown can your company afford any loss of? Statistics show that 4.2 of every 100 US workers had a workplace injury or illness that requires time away from work. The average direct cost of a workplace injury, depending on the part of the body affected, ranged from $11,816 (hand/finger/wrist) to $28,239 (neck) A Liberty Mutual study noted that 40 percent of managers reported that each $1 of direct cost for injury generated between $3 and $5 of indirect costs (Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor, 2017). Thus, a single hand injury could cost your company as much as $59,000, and a single neck injury could cost your company as much as $116,000!

A comprehensive safety training program will ensure you that your employees know the rules and regulations of workplace safety. Our safety training program gives your employees the knowledge they need to complete their jobs while remaining safe at all times. Safety training also gives them the confidence they need to work without fear of safety. The knowledge an employee gains from our OSHA Safety Training program is key to a safe workplace and it will keep you compliant with OSHA’s guidelines. Of course, the company also benefits from an employee safety training program. An effective safety training program will lower incident and accident rates, thus producing higher productivity. Employees who have completed a safety training course are likely to feel much safer, and cared for by their employees. This raises company morale- again, raising productivity. A safety training program also protects your company. A safety training program is real and tangible- something that shows you have adequately trained your employees in workplace safety. An insurance company can look at the safety training program you have made all of your employees complete, and know that you have done your part to protect your employees and ensure workplace safety.

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